Tuesday, December 10, 2019

253 | Pete Kutzer - Orvis Casting & Travel

Rob bumped into Pete Kutzer at the bar in Tailwater's Lodge in Altmar, New York last month. They scheduled a time to sit down in a quiet corner of the hotel to discuss Peter's life in travel, fishing, and being tall. Pete is THE Orvis casting instructor and a not often enough regular on the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast. He was in town for a two-handed rod steelhead fishing class

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

252 | Salmon River New York Steelhead 2019

Join Rob, Thomas, and Producer Jason as they swing flies for steelhead on New York's Salmon River.

A massive cold front descends upon the east coast during the first full day of fishing. You will learn about different techniques used for targeting Great Lakes steelhead, how fly varieties and colors may or may not matter, the effects of changing weather patterns and how alternating water levels effect catching fish. Is Rob prepared for the cold? What flies worked better than others? When is too early to get up to claim a spot on the river? All this and more in this episode brought to you by Hatch Outdoors. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

251 | Producer Jason & Thomas Perkins

Recorded live At The Trestle Pool Lodge on November 11, 2019. This is your chance to get to know Thomas and Jason who is the producer of this and other podcasts. We had an amazing day of brown trout and steelhead fishing in the snow. Now it is time to restock the fly boxes at the round table over some whiskey and beers. We discuss all things from fly tying, sandwiches, family, cats and fly tying materials, and Jason's thoughts on pickles. 

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

2019 Salmon River Steelhead Trip

Podcast and YouTube video on way.

Here are some images from the recent trip to the Salmon River of New York:

Crystal Meth. One of my few patterns I now fish for steelhead 

A full box of flash back - soft hackle - pheasant tails. No fish were caught on this pattern

I added a third box. This is yarn patterns on one side with streamers and other nymphs on other

No fish on Jumbo Johns, worms, or buggers

Collection of intruder style flies from over the years. I now only fish three patterns, Hoh Bo,  Bacon style intruder, OG Graboid

First snow on ground north of Syracuse 

Day 1. Getting our swing, weight, knots in order  

A small Stealthcraft went by

Somehow at the lodge I'm known as 'Robbie'.  The lodge does not have a Website. The owners do not have a computer. You have to call to book a room. Prices are not listed anywhere. You need to get a quote. It is cash only. 

Tying tools 

Starting to tie flies for the week

Thomas suggested small, black stoneflies

Thomas tying up some purple intruders and such

Estaz and meth flies. None of these were fished

Box looking a bit more full

Hot soup on shore while the lads fish

Producer Jason hooks up and lands the first fish. A nice brown. More browns this trip than past years 

I get my first steelhead of the year

Thomas gets a brown

Dirty Bill shows up at 0900 with refreshments 

First brown trout on my Hatch Outdoors reel. Dirty Bill was good luck for me

Producer Jason with a sandwich 

Thomas strikes steel

End of day 2. We head back to lodge to warm up then head to town for supplies

First time at a OG Graboid  

This is the feather I mention on the Jason and Thomas podcast. It caught my eye. I have a difficult time finding packs of Guinea hen feathers that are long enough for these flies. I started to use cocktail and schleppen later in the trip

Snow forecast for overnight 

Day 3. We slept in and headed upstream. Water levels went from 350 to 700

I'm cold and try to make a bacon grilled cheese. The frozen bread defrosted and froze to the pan. It didn't work

The lads warming up by the fire while our former USAF friend fishes

I'll take no fish if I get to fish in conditions like this. Thomas swinging up some steel on eggs in UFZ

Self portrait

Frozen guides

Post steelhead break. I got a bump then hooked a brute on the next cast. Chartreuse Hoh bo

Decaying chinook salmon. These fish were decomposing and oily gas bubbles floated from the surface. It was gross

Thomas gets a brown on the same pattern. We thought it was an Atlantic at first. 

Time to get back to lodge and defrost everything. Jason was packing up to drive home

The only steelhead I landed on Tuesday

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Stopped in to Malinda's for some pink meth material

Pete Kutzer from Orvis at the Tailwaters Lodge bar

Chicken Cordon Bleu soup

Meat loaf dinner. Fuel for next day. Wednesday turned out to be the coldest day of the trip

The pink meth

Some small pink Hoh Bo with rubber legs. Just Thomas and myself

End day 3. Layers for the next day. I should have packed my big down jacket. I was miserable 

Standing in the bitter cold for day 4

0800 I get my first and only fish of the day. I should have gone back to bed after. Thomas drove home at 10 and I joined Dirty Bill and his clients in the boat. I should have gone back to bed

Dirty Bill trying out my switch rod

Dirty Bill putting heating packs in client's waders while he used my propane heater to warm up. I  got back to the lodge and didn't warm up for a few hours. Once warmed up it was time to prepare for the next day-last full day

Cutting the first 15' off a running line that was damaged and putting a new loop on

Blood's Dot style egg

OG Graboid 

Start day 5. I got up a bit later and headed down town for some fresh chrome. The spot I like was taken. I found another spot, had soup, and fished a bit. Then headed back to Altmar

Fishing below I81

My neighbor from Maine fished with me for a few hours. Everyone was  hooking up. It wasn't great but there were fish.

A client near us got this fish. It was magnificent. I had to film and photograph this specimen

I got another steelhead. Yes I'm wearing gloves. I can go bare handed and damage the fish if it drops. I can wear a tailing glove and possibly do more damage. Or I an hold the fish with my fingertips and have a soft, natural material like wool touch the fish. They are not wild, endangered fish. These fish get beat up a lot. A few seconds with a soft glove shouldn't be detrimental

Watching my swinging water from the bridge

Last night in lodge. Tying up some 'Autumn Sunrise' flies inspired by Ghost

Autumn Sunrise Crystal Meth 

Next up the video and podcasts