Tuesday, May 22, 2018

2018 Potomac River Shad Grip & Grins

 It was a tough spring. Lots of high water and days at home instead of on the water. Here are some of the fish we picked up. The shadness madness of rod bending hickory shad fishing never materialized. We are now recovering from a week of heavy rain and thus the shad fishing season is over for us.

These images follow the 2018 Shad Fishing Report podcast. 

Hickory Shad




Bait Busting Largemouth


Black Crappie

Matching the hatch

Crucian Carp


White perch

Banded kilifish | white perch vomit

Channel catfish

American Shad


Look at the mouth of a filter feeding American shad

Striped Bass

Don't drop fish on your toe when their dorsal spine is up

This was the snakehead with a tag.


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