Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pictures From That Trip To Nashville

Here are some visual aids to go with the recent podcasts.

The Pixie at National Airport.

Solid Lunch by Rick Bayliss in Chicago

With food like this how to people settle for lousy airport food?

The eclipse started. People were lining up below windows
People looked very strange staring up at the windows and taking pictures. If you didn't know the eclipse was going on you'd be quite baffled

The Pixie taking a look through the last pair of glasses available in Fairfax

We thought we'd be in the air for the second half. The plane needed fuel so we sat on the tarmac and missed it

Landing in Nashville. Long taxi to the airport as there were so many private planes (cough treasury secretary cough) that flew to Tennessee to watch the eclipse. Once it was over the planes cleared out.

I now know why I see so many mattresses on the highway shoulder


Brown food

Deep fried grilled cheese

These little markets in neighborhoods

Yeasty breakfast

I had to inquire about this

The Parthenon

Fly South


Flies in mason jars

Location of the podcast interview. The theater

Not sure what this pic is


OMG this town can make a sandwich

Tree frogs in the park

Beer menu. Love the prices outside of the DC area

This answers the age old drinking question: 'are  you an RN because you are nursing that drink'

Beans and plantains > tacos

Not King Solomons Marbles ?

A place like this in my hood would be awesome

Yes its as good as it looks

Fancy ice pops

Look, color in our brown food

No sign about touching your genitals?

So good. A little well done

Jar of cicadas shucks in theater

Line at Hatty B

More brown food. This was good, not great. I was taught how to make biscuits recently and they were so much better than this

Sam Looper's Spineless Minnow was the ONLY fly pattern not tied in house! 

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Random flies

More frogs

Smoked wings

One last trip to Pepperfire

We flew right over Rutherford on the flight back.


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