Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Potomac Shad Run Guided Fish Pictures

Lets show off some of this year's fish.

First shad of the year (hickory)

First American shad of the year. Snowhite Damsel.

First striper of the year.

I got some fishing in between clients.

White perch on the shad jig.

Go see Dan at Orvis Tysons and discuss the amazing local fishery.

More American shad. Most from shore of any year guiding.

TPFR Patrick with a bent line all morning.

Yoshi with the fast net job.
Producer Jason with a double hook up. 

Stripers on the Snowhite Damsel

Yoshi with his first shad !!!

My biggest hickory shad to date

American shad on the damsel

This guy is going to have 'soup' with his catch

Double hook up aka fish nunchucks

Huge crappie (client is 6'5")
Some shad still in the river

Hickory while searching for fish

Art from Orvis Tysons get the official last fish of the shad run season.


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