Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tiny Free Library, How About Tiny Free Fly Shops

You may have seen these near a playground or along the sidewalk in your neighborhood. Its a tiny library. You can take a book or leave a book. Pretty cool idea right?

I got an idea last summer while walking and fishing the Blue River in Breckenridge. I needed some floatant but forgot to fly out with some. Didn't want to buy a whole new bottle.

What if there was one of these along the Blue in town, sponsored by one of the two or BOTH of the fly shops in town. What if we had one locally sponsored by TPFR or Northern Va TU? Though around here someone would put their bag of dog poo in the box and take all the gear out.

Tiny Fly Shops.

If I owned a fly shop and/or lived near a stream I would build one of these for the anglers. I would re-stock it regularly. Now hear me out.

My tiny fly shop would include:

  • variety of tippet and leader material
  • variety of flies used on that water
  • split shot or other weight
  • sun screen
  • nippers (nail clipper)
  • hemostat
  • lip balm 
  • local book on hatch charts
  • river map
  • bumper stickers
  • loaded lanyard - someone could just take that for the day and put it back
  • net
  • floatant
  • polarized glasses
  • fishing journal/guest log
Think about all the gear you use and what you always forget. What if it were available on the stream. You borrow the net and put it back. You forgot your shades, you use them and put them back. You forgot your pheasant tail parachute, we got you, take a few. If you don't fish them, put them back. If you stop by and have some extra flies that worked that day- you can put them in there for others.

People take what they need, maybe drop off something in the local shops or in the tiny box to help restock.

What are your thoughts on this? Is this something you'd like to see?

Of course I would have Tiny Elvis guard my tiny fly shop.


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