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Thursday, January 26, 2017

S01E94 Lance Egan

Lance tells us about competitive fly fishing, fly design (Rainbow Warrior), and the lack of traffic in Utah. I hope you enjoy Lance's stories.

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New Podcats Episode!

Monday, January 16, 2017

S02E53 Chagrin River Outfitters | Fly Fishing North East Ohio

In this podcast episode I interview Dan from Chagrin River Outfitters. We discuss all things fishing north east Ohio. Where and when to find fish, how to fish for them, flies and gear needed, seasonality of fish available and so much more.

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New Podcats Episode!

Monday, January 9, 2017

S01E93 Last Chance For A Steelhead in 2016

My last chance to connect to a steelhead in 2016. I failed in November on the Salmon River of New York. Will things change on Ohio's Steelhead Alley?

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New Podcats Episode!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chasing Ohio Steelhead - Last Chance Fly Fishing Of 2016

Sigh. I spent a week on the Salmon River of NY trying for a steelhead in November. I drove up to Columbus, Ohio over the holidays to visit family, friends, and to chase steelhead.

Via the OPST site I have begun tying different intruders.

 I tied up some carp bugs too. You may remember last July I caught a bunch of carp on these.We'll tie these up at TPFR Beer Tie in November.

 Road trip started on Xmas eve at 0517. The weather sucked. It was dark and rainy for several hours. Visibility was terrible.
 At my inlaws there was a bottle of Crown Royal tempting me.
 An my father in law was wearing the same shirt as this lady from Love Actually.
 The two schnauzers hung out.
 My carp spot was blown up from runoff.
 At Hobby Lobby I found all sorts of stuff to tie with. You can make the Snowhite Damsel with these though I can't vouch for the quality of the feather or the dye job.
 Some craft fur in bulk.
 This stuff would make great bodies, wire inside would allow you to wrap the body easily.
 I'm thinking crayfish colored reapers with this.
 For nymphs and small buggers.
 Sucker spawn.
 Buggers and intruders.
 From the errands I drove over to the tailwater of Alum. Water was most clear I've seen in years, didn't see any fish. Tossed a herring fly.

 Drove up to the Rocky River outside Cleveland. Here are some of the flies I tossed. The Rocky was blown out and super cold.

 No snagging.
 Another intruder. I lost a lot of flies over the next few days.
 Big bridges over the river.

 Shale cliffs. Met a novice angler at the spot. Gave her some tips and helped her with casting and gave her a dozen or so flies.
 Chagrin River Outfitters selection of intruders. Podcast with Dan soon.
 Aqua Flies tied these. I look at their site A Lot.
 Car camping dinner. A monster burrito, a beer, and some fish. I was quite cozy in my car with down comforters and sleeping bags.
 This burrito was double wrapped and was huge.
 Bundled up. Had the Chagrin River to myself for two days. Probably because the fish weren't biting and everyone else was at home. My steelheading jacket of choice, Kast Gear.
 Empty woods to myself. Its rare I get the chance to have the woods to myself. Just the quiet, crunching of leaves under foot, sound of water flowing nearby.
 Yup, river took this one.

 Prom dress variant didn't work. Water was high and stained. It dropped by Friday morning when I had to leave.

 Snow. I love fishing in the snow.
 Found this chair and took a break.

 Snow passed and the sun came out. I was able to see where I was walking in the water.
 Chagrin RO had this cool intruder box full of squidro for sale.

 Mention the blog or podcast from this trip at the Somerset show in a few weeks and you get a Chagrin RO sticker.
 A huge pine tree along River Road.
 Night two in the car. Very cozy. Wind and snow all around.
 Watching snow fall.
 Clear water. I had 4 hours to fish before leaving.
 Look at the size of this house compared to those trucks and dumpsters.
 Corky and Lenny's.

 My pops said this sandwich was blasphemous as it had lettuce and tomato.
 Didn't have time to stop at Liska.
 dr jones chilling under the piano. Podcast coming up soon.

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