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Sunday, September 24, 2017

S01E103 | Nashville's Culture & Cusisine

The Snowhite's spent the end of their summer in Nashville, Tn. They visit lots of local eateries, a hula hoop factory, nature preserves, and some fly shops. Rob samples Hot Chicken, BBQ, and biscuits and talks about his experiences. There was a lot of brown food in Nashville.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

S02E62 Fly Skinz | Innovative Materials for Tactical Tiers with Jonathan Kiley

Rob is a big fan of the products AND flies coming out of the Fly Skinz lab. The best way for Rob to learn more about Jonathan Kiley's creative mind was to invite him on the podcast. For more information, please visit and follow on social media.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

S02E61 Andrew Reichardt | National Captital Chapter Trout Unlimited

Rob and Andrew Reichardt met up on a recent summer evening to discuss Andrew's role as the President of National Capital Chapter of Trout Unlimited (NCC-TU).

Andrew discusses his goals for NCC-TU, non stocking trout in local waters, and his chapter hosting the IF4 on September 26. Andrew tells stories about his time at Sweetwater Guide School and a trip to New Zealand !

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

S02E60 In Search of Solitude While Fly Fishing With Richard Frannklin. Part 2.

Richard Franklin and Rob sat down during a recent Saturday afternoon at the Jersey Shore. Richard reflects on his pursuit of solitude while fly fishing the great western streams of the US. They talk about modern polarization of optics, high end fly rods, fly fishing photography and more.
This is the second interview with Richard Franklin.
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Organized Chaos | Fly Tying Office

Here are the images to go along with the previous post and podcast. This is how my room looks right now. I have not cleaned it up for a low budget photo shoot. I want you to see it how I keep it in working order.

I know where everything is which is unfortunate. I'd like to have this room spotless with no mess or clutter but that is now how my brain works. The carpet alone should keep any human from entering.

This is an over the door shoe holder. There is not enough space between the door and door jam for  this to fit and thus it is on the wall. I keep spools and reels here with leader material and knot tying tools/glues.

I also keep my un used ostrich plumes here.

These are my 'kit' bags. Large plastic bags in plastic bins. I keep my bulk materials here: pre-sliced foam strips, marabou, jumbo John materials, scorpion bug materials, dubbing bags, Snowhite hellgrammite materials, and bacon fly materials, etc. 

 This is my oldest 'orgainzer' tower. Some of the materials date back 20 years.

This is my desk. I keep a lamp overhead with my Regal vise in the middle. There are bits and pieces of discarded material, packs of hooks, tools about, etc. Note my TyWheel  There is one small peg board on the wall and a magnetic tool holder. As soon as I clean this up it gets trashed. Just like working retail, you fold a stack of shirts and some kid comes in right after and takes out the bottom shirt and the pile falls over.  Yes that is a cup of potting soil. I'll get rid of that today.

 Lady Amherst plumes, pheasant rumps. Something to keep bad spirits away, a bag of discarded feathers, and my bulk beads and beaded chain. 

I have yet to put shelves in this closet. I keep tied flies organized here plus extra materials, beater bamboo rods, accounting papers for record retention, and more.
 Most materials are organized here. I go from top left to right bottom in the podcast.

 I have begun to rely on fewer colors of thread over the years. Black and red 6/0, chartreuse and black 210 denier.
 Old spare lines and misc gear. A tobacco pipe I bought in high school with my buddy Tim at a thrift store in Davis, Wv. I haven't seen Tim in 20 years. I keep it as a reminder of the shenanigans we had in our youth. Tim once built a 'bamboo rod' out of a 20' bamboo pole. He taped guides on it and taped a reel to it and rode his bike 15 miles to the Potomac to fish it. I could do a whole podcast just on stories on the legendary Tim Waite.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

S01E102 Rob's Fly Tying Office | Tools & Materials Collected Over The Years

Rob discusses his collection of fly tying materials, the patterns created with the materials, where he procures them, how they are 'organized', the quality and consistency he looks for, and much more. The coyote mask is in the garage as Rob's wife won't allow it in the house.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

S02E59 Fly Fishihng For Golden Mahseer In The Himalayan Outback With Misty Dhillon

Misty and I sat down on the back patio of Whitlow's on Wilson for a conversation about fly fishing for golden mahseer in the Jungle Book aka the Himalayan Outback.

For more information

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Friday, July 21, 2017

S02E58 Happy Oysters | A Day Spent At Sapidus Farms With Mike Manyak

The Snowhite family spent a recent Sunday at Sapidus Farms on the Northern Neck of Virginia. We learned all about happy oysters. Mike showed us the entire process from microscopic oysters in tanks to eating size out in the Wicomico River. Worth a listen regardless if you don't eat oysters. It just might change your mind.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

S01E101 Fly Fishing Central Ohio | July 4th Holiday Week

The annual trip to Columbus, Ohio for the July 4 festivities. I went on the prowl for urban carp, smallmouth bass, and more. There was loads of collusion with the Russians.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

S02E57 Fishing Is Life | The Letort & Other Waters With Misha Gill

Misha and I sat down last week to discuss his passion for fishing, what make the Letort such an amazing fishery, Peruvian chicken, a trip to New Zealand and much more.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Snowhite Version Of The Circus Peanut | Fly Tying Tutorial

This is my take on Russ Maddin's Circus Peanut. I picked up one of his flies in Michigan last summer. It had the body of my tampon fly with rubber legs and collars. There was no name on the bin so I asked Instagram what it was and was informed that its the peanut. I started to add synthetics to the fly and I am really pleased with the success.

We recently caught this largemouth in heavily stained water.

Here is the video on how to tie this fly.

Hooks. I like the Saber Brand hooks. You can't beat the price. They are super sharp and strong. Use a barbless hook for the trailer if you can. I use size 4 for rear and 2 for the front.
 New age hollow flash.

 Long saddle hackle. I base the colors of the collar and the body on the rubber legs used. A bi-colored leg will dictate the body color. This is a black saddle.
 I prefer crystal flash chenille for the body.

As the collar is black and the body is orange I am going with this pack of legs.
You can use 20-30lb mono to connect the body which costs a lot less. The thicker the mono or wire you use the less the rear portion of the fly will jackknife. I do not use 6mm walleye beads over the mono/wire.
 Use your favorite eyes. I prefer medium to large. I want this fly to have a vertical jigging action but don't want it to be super heavy. I need my clients off all abilities to throw this fly. It can't be to heavy.

 Size 4 hook goes into my Regal vise. 
 Wrap my thread. Uni 210 denier black.
 New age flash tied in as the tail. Don't be shy if its long. You can always trim it back.
 Crystal flash chenille tied in and wrapped up to and just behind the eye.
 Wrap it down and tie it off.  Cut.
 Tie in two rubber legs in the middle.

 Repeat on the opposite side. Don't leave these flies in the sunlight. The sun will degrade the legs.
 Tie in the saddle hackle between the legs and the eye. Wrap forward, wrap it down, cut thread. Doesn't have to look pretty. Its a fly that is going to be moving through water at a fast pace. It does not have to be all proportional and aesthetically pleasing to you. YOU ARE NOT A FISH. I may switch to a synthetic hackle in the future to make it all synthetic.
 Remove the rear portion and insert the size 2 hook into the vise.
 Start your thread where ever you want.
 Tie in the dumbbell eyes.
 Take your joining material. I'm using Beadalon from the craft store up the street. My mono is in the TPFR tying kit which I don't have today.
 Thread the rear fly and begin to wrap the wire down. Your wraps and the tension you use will determine if a fish pulls the rear hook free if it is only hooked on that.
 Get it all wrapped and move your thread to above the hook point.
 Tie in your crystal flash chenille.
 Wrap forward toward the eyes, wrap over and around them to build a head. You need a solid head if you plan on bouncing this fly around hard structure. 
 Pull chenille over the eyes and wrap it tightly and cut it off, behind the eyes.
 Tie in 2-3 strands of legs facing you.
 Repeat on the opposite side.
 Tie in your saddle. I prefer a longer and more fibrous feather for the front of the fly. I'm not using rooster tails yet. I save those for my bacon fly.
 Wrap it around several times, doesn't have to look pretty. Tie it down and remove the rest of the feather. 
 Cut a long portion of holo flash. Lay it over the dumbell eyes and tie it off behind the eyes.
 Fold the remaining half over the front of the eyes, over and through the eye hook.
 Wrap that thread tightly down over it all and you are almost done.
 I use a half hitch with my hands. I've only had 2-3 flies come undone in the past year (out of dozens of dozens of flies) due to a bad knot. Both were on intruders. I don't use a knot tying tool.
 Bring that loop over and down, repeat 2-3 times. Cut thread.
Time to build up that head. Think of it as a helmet. I'm trying the Solarez now. I started off the Goo, then the Loon, then the Deer Creek. Hoping this is the last one I need to try.
 Apply mostly on the ventral side that will hit structure.
 Light it up for a bit. Then hit it again. Slow cook the material.
 Let it chill for a few seconds under the light and leave on the windowsill for an hour. You are now done.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Potomac Shad Run Guided Fish Pictures

Lets show off some of this year's fish.

First shad of the year (hickory)

First American shad of the year. Snowhite Damsel.

First striper of the year.

I got some fishing in between clients.

White perch on the shad jig.

Go see Dan at Orvis Tysons and discuss the amazing local fishery.

More American shad. Most from shore of any year guiding.

TPFR Patrick with a bent line all morning.

Yoshi with the fast net job.
Producer Jason with a double hook up. 

Stripers on the Snowhite Damsel

Yoshi with his first shad !!!

My biggest hickory shad to date

American shad on the damsel

This guy is going to have 'soup' with his catch

Double hook up aka fish nunchucks

Huge crappie (client is 6'5")
Some shad still in the river

Hickory while searching for fish

Art from Orvis Tysons get the official last fish of the shad run season.

weebly reliable statistics