Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fly Fishing Colorado - August 2016. Pictures & Podcast

The Snowhite's headed out to Breckenridge for a week of rest and relaxation. I started in Breckenridge then went Breck --> Denver --> Colorado Springs --> Manitou Springs --> Denver --> Breck. I took a bunch of pictures.

I started tying flies a few weeks before. Nothing new for my box, just the standards. Lots of terrestrials.

 Weedless mice.
Splat Rat
 Snowhite damsels.
Snowhite Damsel
 Checking out the wildflowers as I walk the Blue River.

 Just reading water, looking at fish and bugs. I walked several miles down the mountain and back to the house with out a rod.
 Woke up the second day to snow on the peaks.
 Charlie's Fly Box. What an amazing store. I want to work in a store like this. Jay Zimmerman was there. You heard him talk about one of his books on the podcast. Buy his books here.

 Have  you ever seen this variety of wire? This is just wire. There is nothing like this where we live.

 The amount and variety of flies in this store was nuts. Simply nuts. Listen to an interview with Charlie on the Itinerant Angler Podcast.

 A quick stop at the Schoolhouse for a pint. Odell's on tap!
 Being a historic school building allows for all sorts of creative ways to decorate. A periodic table table.
 Off to The Source. A bunch of restaurants. We destroyed lunch there.
 While eating this awesome meal (I want to print this pic and eat it right now) I had to figure out how to get down to Justin in the 'Springs.
 I took a bus with these fun folks. It was a brief ride down to Justin.
 Some interesting folks all over. I was offered a new mountain bike for $10 and a day pack for $3 from a rando. I passed. However, a few days later I bought a rod and reel off a rando for $20.

 Justin (who was also on the podcast) had one of the most AMAZING partridge skins I have ever seen. Look at those soft hackles. Absolutely stunning.
 I started tying flies with junk and material all over his table.
 This is the 'trash fly' tied with some bristles for tying, thread body, and bubble wrap wings. It caught Justin loads of fish.
 Done with tying, lets go check out Pikes Peak in his backyard. Justin and his new pup 'Zep' climbed up on the roof. I can barely get my dog to climb up on the sofa with me.
 Donger needed food. We headed down the mountain to Manitou Springs. This pub had a fishing t-rex aka anglersaurus.
 This garage in town had the same color and logo as the Cannabis dispensary all over the state. Not sure why. They have to put up a sign so randos stop knocking on the door.
 Driving to go fishing. Look at those views. NO traffic, no traffic lights.

 Yes, we interviewed some mules or donkeys for the podcast.
 Dennis from OMF Fly tied me up this bird. I've been wanting to toss a baby bird in a specific spot for 11 years. I finally got the chance, however there were no birds around. I was too late in season. Dennis will be tying at the Lancaster show in 2017.
 Bat that got caught on barb wire.
 Checking out my small flies box. We headed upstream and found trout rising to tricos.
 Justin connected to one of many trout.

 I managed one after Justin told me the fish ate my tiny fly.
 Tricos everywhere.

 My choice.
 Trash fly magic.
 When a storm blows in you leave. I learned this the hard way after being zapped by ground static electricity stuff in 2005.
 On the road to another spot.
 My favorite type of fishing: canyons with plunge pools. This lil brown took a pink worm.
 Justin landing more fish.
 Next morning we meet up with the infamous Tom. North to carp fishing.

 Putting in Tom's boat. I remember when this kid didn't have a driver's license.
 Cree Bug.
 First Colorado carp. Sight cast. Lousy fight.

This nasty fish was bleeding from between its scales. 
 Carp were tailing and mudding all over.

 Justin sticks a pig.
 Dead carp all over.

 My first walleye on the fly. I had my fly dragging next to me in the boat and this thing ate it.
 Can you count all those carp?

 Carp feeding face up not tail up. They were feeding just under the surface. What could it be? I saw something tiny and black in the water. Tricos. I tied on Chernobyl ant with a trico dropper. I got a few carp to eat but could not land them. The fun of being a fly angler is the trials and errors in determining what the fish are eating and how to choose the right fly size, color, pattern and how to present it properly.
 Turns out they were eating drowned flying ants.
 Caught a wimpy bass too.

 Back to Breck to prep gear for mountain streams.
 One fish landed on the Snake. First brookie in over a decade.
 The Snake is one beautiful body of water. I should have brought wet wading gear. I ended up going in with my Ariat boots.
 Snow runoff.

 Drying off my boots.
 Thankfully not an adult novelty, just a broken dog toy.
 Turns out I can fish about two blocks from my in laws.
 The pixie helped land these fish. All on dries.
 Then I met bacon at the whisky fest.

 Columbine flowers.
 Saturday morning market at Maggie Pond.
 I needed some dry fly paste. I had not expected to use so many trout dries.
 I switched to streamers and droppers after a hail storm.

 A pint before dinner, next to the river.
 I only fish one single streamer pattern for trout. My bacon fly.
 Bacon fly success.
 I had to have breakfast out one day. Daylight Donuts has been a long favorite.
 My plan was streamers in plunge pools.
 I found some big fish in the runs below the plunge pools that day. Next time a more stiff rod and a net.

 Lunch was supposed to be chicken fried steak at Fatty's. They didn't have it. I went to Burke and Riley's for fresh tempura battered chicken fingers.
 And more streamer fishing.
 The next day they were in the plunge pools. If I didn't hook a fish in the first three casts in a spot I would move on. Thus I could cover more river in less time and come back to holes where I missed a fish.
 Post fishing pixie time.
 Pixie and Yuri fishing.
That is about it. Can't wait to get back next time. Be sure to listen to the podcast for more details and stories.


  1. what wt rod are you using when throwing that bacon fly of yours

  2. I prefer a 6wt but had a 4wt as the sixes were both broken.

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