Friday, September 30, 2016

New York City 2016 Walking, Eating, Eating, Eating, and Eating.

Me and the wife took a few days to walk around NYC this past summer. We visited a bunch of awesome places to eat, some historically old bars, and watched a Broadway play.

Names of the places we visited are in the podcast. 

Here are some of the pictures.

The first animal I see on my way to fish in Central Park. This baby raccoon. I packed my Tenkara USA Iwana and brought some tiny Chernobyl ants.
 Picturesque balloons tied to a bike.
 Bluegill were too easy to catch.
 Did my father in law open a sushi restaurant? Russian-Japanese fusion possibly?
 The High Line. The wife does not like how many times I stop to touch and look at the plants.
 I could spend all day up there.

 Wasn't sure if this was a real guy until I got next to it.
 It was a statue. We sat down next to him on the benches and watched others as they approached.

 I'd choose the men's room regardless of how you were born. The ladies room always had a long line.
 Chelsea Market. Never seen raisins on the vine.

 I watch this guy fry up some risotto balls. I ask him how much they are and when they will sell them as the market is still opening up. He says he doesn't speak English, he is from Sicily. I think this must be the most legit arancini I will ever eat. The English speaking employee sells me one for $6 and it was worth it. The 'gravy' with it was one of the best tomato sauces I've ever had. My word.

 Sweet, check it out. This wine is on sale.
 Pappy for two thousand dollars?

 I told Holt  he needs to go here next time he is in the city.
 Next stop, Dizingoff. The best hummus ever. Employee had the Delaware River inked on her arm. We bought the cook book. It has changed me. I will not buy hummus again.
 Back on the Highline to digest.
 I had to get a hug from this guy.
 Off to Eately. The wife likes the Negroni. Yuck.  This one came with a lemon sorbet.
 I had a pint.
 And wanted to eat a pound of this cheese.
 And wanted to eat each of these.
 I can't remember the name of this pizza joint. Its in the podcast. It was up there with the best.
 Someone with some strong ischial tuberositys.

 Found another adult novelty. This one was in the street.
 Off to dinner. This was our big night out. We were in and out in maybe 30min. Not the best place for a date night. Food was awesome.

 Stopped back at Eately since we had all this free time after dinner. I spent time looking at and smelling cheeses.

 Next day we walk 1.5 hour to get breakfast. We pass this private garden.
 Breakfast place just serves fish. I walked that far for fish?

 I walked down the street and got a knish. I got two not knowing  how filling they were.

 This guy was tossing darts at a tree. What if he had missed and hit someone?
 Josh Charles walked by
 I've wanted to go to the Spotted Pig for years. I didn't have room for lunch so just some chips. OSH on tap? Yes please.
 The king walked by.

 I would crash this as soon as I began to pedal.
 After stopping at a 100 year old bar we went back to Chelsea Market. I wanted a salami sandwich. This place did not disappoint. It was across from Dizengoff.
 Yea, you want to print that and eat it.
 Still hungry we go to Mokbar. My bro says it is awesome. It was.

 Having lived in a Korean neighborhood for a dozen years you would think we wouldn't eat Korean anywhere else. If  you have not had Korean Fried Wings you will get them any chance you can. As I uploaded these images I determined we will get Bon Chon for the Ohio State v. Rutgers game tomorrow.

 Then this bar. It was suggested by the lady with the Delaware tat. I was the youngest person in the bar!

 I say that can't be....
 Jackie Mason  I doubled back to sneak a pic
 The main reason we were here, to see Waitress on Broadway. It was amazing. Was hoping to bump into Sara Bareilles and ride off into the sunset with her.
 Say, isn't that Richard Kind walking by?
 In line, the show was awesome. Look clean shaven! The wife didn't know I  was clean shaven until I pointed it out.
 Still hungry after the show. A quick stop at Halal Guys. Too much hot sauce ruined it.
 Breakfast- everything bagel, iceberg, red onion, salt, egg salad.
 We also stopped at this bar. Image is out of order.  It wasn't as fun as the others. Though I did have a shot of Jameson with the wife. Last time we had shots together..... I don't know.
Next up, Michigan pictures.

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  1. 2 grand for some 20 year Pappy? I thought it was about $900 for the twenty year... 2011 must have been a good year.