Thursday, September 29, 2016

July 4 Fly Fishing For Carp in Ohio

Say what a new blog post? Well yes, for the first time in MONTHS I have been able to upload images to my computer.

I tied up a bunch of Cree Bugs. A pattern I learned from Mike (RedspotFly on social media)

  Ohio rivers have massive clams
The first cast to the first carp. I don't often have to fight fish on the reel. All of these were on the reel. It was spectacular.
Carp feeding right at my feet. They were so busy eating and looking down they didn't notice me.
I got several nice common carp.
Loads of crayfish in the river.
This was just a bit larger than my Cree Bug.
Bent rods. Next time I won't wear flip flops. Lots of sharp rocks.
Those rubbery lips.
Managed my first mirror carp on the fly.
Met up with cousin Caleb. He got some laragies and smallies in the urban streams.
And a bullet was found.
And a leg.
After fishing dr jones got to play with an 11 year old great dane. They are the same age.
My man, dr jones.
Bexley July 4 Parade. The Big Green Egg wants to move in with me.
I met Snow White.
This flag horse.
Went back out and tried some H.N.I.C It didn't sink fast enough with a brass bead.
Ran out of Cree Bugs and had to go to my simple crayfish fly. It worked.
Carp spooked and leaving a mud plume.
 I found a Stand By Me size leech. I mention that scene to loads of clients. None of them know what I'm talking about. See below if you are lost.

That simple carp fly. Just some hackle, vinyl, and a piece of zonker.

Natural vs. imitation.
And the wife got to play on a trampoline.


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