Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Break in Western NC Pics

There is a podcast to accompany this. The sound isn't great as I lost my recorder while fishing. It had all sorts of fun and interesting stuff. I purchased a new recorder to re tel the story. However, the new recorder didn't have a USB port to upload. I purchased another new recorder and used an AUX cable to transfer the audio.

Here are the pics uploaded out of order thanks to Picasa.

Is this supposed to be funny? If so I don't get it

Rockys Hot Chicken, first stop


Ashville Orvis Fly Selection

TPFR Mile's spoon fly

I see this and decide to go to the show that night

Always look at toy stores and drug stores when travellling

Hunter Banks shop

Gutless frog material


Emerging cranefly

Cold, clear water. Lots of overhanging. Small stream fishing

A wild brown.

Hunter Banks put the fly tying materials in a bag. Last time this happened the wife threw it all out thinking it was trash


Raffle Items

Crooked Creek Holler

Best Burger In A Long Time

Foam and Fabric? I wanted to go in

Fly tying materials not at a fly shop....

We didn't get here due to a sick kid on vacation

This was during the road lane blockage during a funeral procession. One driver decided no one cold pass the funeral for 20 miles of two lane road. We went 50mph in 70mph and this added to our 11.5 hour drive home

Along 95 near Fredericksburg

This is the new bass worm

Emerging Cranefly

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