Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 Potomac Shad Run So Far

The 2016 shad run has been amazing so far. Loads of hickory shad in the river. Our first striped bass and white perch were caught yesterday. If you are having trouble finding and hooking the shad you are probably not fishing the right location (reading water) and are not stripping fast enough. Here is a quick video from yesterday.

River Herring in inside the cove

On the boat above Chain Bridge. Note the stripping guard on my finger.

Hickory after hickory after hickory

Per my last post on safe handling of shad, a new technique of holding them upside down. It seems to stop them from moving most of the time

Jason Reif aka Producer Jason with a big hickory

These fish are light up in the sun and are mirror like

Clients hooking fish after fish

His first time with a fly rod. Roll casting 40' to the high tide seams. Kid did good, real good.

Two fish at once. Shad Nunchuk

Stripers on the fly. Snowhite Damsel

9 our of 10 of these are caught on the Snowhite Damsel

White perch

Did this one gt hit by a cormorant?

Perch Nunchuk

So I told this guy he cant use a dip net for anything down here except gizzard shad. He had industrial sized soy sauce bucket. This stuff was headed to a restaurant. I told him that meant the herring in the creek. I told him it was illegal. So he ignores me and heads to the creek and proceeds to dip net fish and put them in his bucket. I call the US Park Police. As they probably won't show up I take it upon myself to go over to his buckets, I reminded him of what he was doing was illegal, and tell him to pound sand, and dumped his fish back in the river. He didn't like that.

I've got a pic of a guy that landed a cormorant. He was reeling in his lure and hooked it underwater. Never seen such a thing. Then Jason and I drive the boat back down river and as we near Georgetown I see a naked guy on his knees from behind. I think someone was with him.....We took the boat up Rock Creek which was full of herring, shad, and  perch. The stench of open sewer made us turn around and get out of there. These pics and more later.


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