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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lancaster Fly Fishing Show Pictures

Podcast is found here:

I got in town early, stopped by the farmers market

 Picked up some upside down jams and honey
 Shad would destroy this
 This guy was in Pitch Perfect right? This is from the local Walmart
 Air BnB

 Picked up some bottles here

 What is this odd wall mounted thing?
 My introduction to sweet/smoked bologna

 Original pics from the house where I stayed, 1861

 Sara Bareilles was on when I got up for breakfast. <3

 Parked a block away, saw this in the window

 Set up
 Newest fly at the time, the Snallygaster With Cheese

 Bill Skilton sighting
 Someone using a Fly On The Wheel

 Reaper fly

 I picked up some of the bologna, which I just found at our local Aldi
 Shiny beads, really really shiny

 Never seen amadou like this

 Fat claw dads

 Flies I tied that weekend

 Peccary hair

 This is not cool, if Ben had seen him he'd be kicked out of the show
 Diamondback rods

 Hemingway products

 Fresh threads

 Sunset on the way home with the Mormon temple in back.

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