Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shad Flies - Fly Fishing For Shad

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#1 Lead 'fly'. Shad Jig
#1 Fly for everything. Snowhite Damsel
#2 Fly. Shad Puff

#3 Fly. Shad Buster

#4 Fly. 1' Calf Tail Clouser

Friday, February 5, 2016

New Podcast: 2016 Fly Fishing Show From Somerset

2016 Fly Fishing Show | Somerset NJ

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Here are some pics:
Dan Davala sighting

AFFTA reception

Breakfast in the room

I want Estaz in bulk like this

Tying at the Flymen booth

image doesn't do justice

Fifth Element fly. Image sucks

Prime Snowhite Damsel materials

Tight Lines sale bin

Amazing Pat Cohen frogs

Davala spotted in his element

Allen reels

Dave Brandt tying

Dave can tie some amazing Catskills style flies

Putting the Tywheel to work

Tying Scorpion Bugs

Collins Hackle Booth

TPFR gathering

Awesome team name

Senor Denito with Dan Dow in the back

Snowhite Hellgrammite

Day 1's Flies

Blue Halo Rods!

Pat Cohen

Tyler Straight (Autumn Siren Flies. Blogspot)

Tradd Little (Traddsflies on IG)

Lefty stole my bourbon

Want This

Duffle bag of booze

Abbi and her doppleganger


Exterus soft goods

Bar floor and wall are the same

Slow service

Marc Pettijean goods

The Biebs!!

Mike from FlyShack my source for hooks

Weekend worth of tying

Ty Wheel with spool of weighted wire. Fits perfectly

Chuck Kraft crittermite

Andrea and Kiki

Add caption

Andrea Larko Reel !!

Pat sold some flies

Sunset from Wawa

Aquaman Flies Plumes