Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2016 Salmon River New York Steelhead Fly Fishing Trip

We drove up to the Salmon River, New York (SRNY) on November 5. Take a listen to the podcast (brought to you by Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics) and take a look at some of the pictures I took.

Listen to the podcast here:

Camp Chrome

This tool actually works. Didn't cut my line but did get a fly out of a tree

My first time ever cooking bacon

Melinda took this off the spool and wrapped it like this while on the phone!

This is the sriracha bbq sauce I was talking about

Tying chartreuse glo bugs by the campfire

We watched Goon one night at camp

Several months of sitting down at the desk. These are my intruder style flies and a bugger

Holt cooking fillet Mignon on hot rocks

Breaking down camp.

Running cedar along our campsite

Seriously? Lets look back at this in one year from now

Bacon and grilled cheese on the river

Intruder style fly. It didn't work

Waders and gear belts out drying

SRNY midge on the Subaru

I didn't know what to tie so I broke out some stuff for eggs, spawns, and intruders. Nothing else was working


After. too much room at front of the shank

 OPST ostrich drabs are available here
Lots of practise to get this fly to look the way it does. Watch the videos on OPST

Crystal meth - sucker spawn

One bite on this pattern

Jumbo john

Walking in. No rush to get there.

Holt after hooking a nice steelhead

Lots of shore lunch and breaks. We tried and tried but no fish.

If you want to match the hatch....

Balancing my switch rod on a cup.

Eggs in the water.

Holt thought the dog was going to eat him. It was the friendly dog that ran at him

Spinning using the OPST dubbing spinner. Its no joke. Get one

A whisky by the heater

We watched Sausage Party one night. That movie is Shopkins for adults

Lost this one in a tree

Using the jumbo steelhead fly box to block wind

Not even this mini Jumbo John worked

"Dirty Bill"

I picked this shirt up over the summer. Represent

My pops sent this from New Zealand. It was probably 28" long and not much of a zoom. It was in a harbor. At least one Snowhite was near a fish

Tailwaters Lodge

Onion rings. Battered

Fried squeaky cheese

I like the 22mm shanks by OPST. Its a blank canvas. This one sat in the vise for at least a day before I took it down. The fish were eating nothing.

Windy Friday. I went back to bed

Jason swinging

Nope, nothing on this one

Jason and his weiners

Maybe this intruder. Nope

Lots of ticks. Luckily they can't get through waders

This was the gear pile before we left

Driving up. My favorite stretch of the ride

The leaves went from colorful to brown to being on the ground in just a few hours of driving north

Jason landed a rock

Bombing out my 375g OPST Commando Head

Eric Geary with his new pup in his waders

If you didn't listen to the podcast here is the breakdown. We didn't catch anything. Holt and I got about 3 tugs each with one of those fighting for a few seconds. We fished Sunday-Friday and went home on Friday instead of late Saturday.

Many thanks to OPST for the gracious support they provided. I hope to get back up there this winter and to fish the Erie tribs in a few weeks.