Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 Salmon River New York Fly Fishing Trip

Fish are like babies, they put everything in their mouth. Tie lots of flies in lots of colors and maybe what they put in their mouth will be your fly. 

We took the trip up a bit early this year as the wife has a business trip to Australia the first two weeks of November. The fishing was definitely off this year. In six days I did not land a single steelhead. I hooked a bunch, fewer than most years, landed none. 

Take a listen to the podcast: 

Crystal Meth

Angora Yarn from Ebay

Prepping flies on Matzuo America hooks

Pink Hoh Bo

More Hoh Bo

Man U colors for Holt

Baltimore Oriole colors for Thomas

Evil Twin 

Tying materials from Orvis

Senyo AI

A portion of the flies packed

Ate this whole bag before going to sleep night before. Bad idea, loads of sodium

Thanks guys, why don't  you take up the whole road

Made it

Shop flies

Dead salmon everywhere

Recognize this guy? He was snagging salmon and passing the rods to his clients

Dirtbag dinner

Morning stove sesh

People lined up on the other side of the river around 0445

First Light

Holt doing something

I tripped on a salmon and popped my palm. Loads of blood spilled

Altmar Hotel. Meh

Saturday first light

Breakfast. Turns out turkey sausage patties can sit out for several days with out killing you

First landed fish. She dropped eggs all over me

Only Holt would pull a GLASS of whisky out of his wading jacket!!

Orvis wader pocket full of peanuts

Scott and his coho

Holt on a mudshark


Malinda donated a trash bag of material to TPFR/Frogman Outdoors

Old Fashioned time

Hooks in my cocktail

Thomas hitting his flies with some Loon

Jumbo Johns

Squatty Potty humor

A stocked box of flies

Breakfast of Belushi and of champions

Busted up  intruders

My box

Lots of dead salmon on that far shore

I hooked someone elses bugger and a caddis

Holt in the rain

My first coho!!

I brought nearly a thousand hooks

Drying gear

They were taking orange flies. I got two steelhead on an orange shad fly

Another 25 hooks tied

Loaded box for another day

Would not close. I probably lost a hundred flies on this trip

Thomas has a halo

Layers prepped for the morning

Frost on the car


Thomas and his brown


Producer Jason got an Atlantic

Landed my last fish, a sweet brown

Shore camp

Malinda's door

A lady in town looked like Clarence. Then I get back to the lodge and Clarence is on the TV

Awesome meal

Still trying to get them to eat

Full moon

Scott tying up some small flies

For Yoshi

Scott and Thomas both busted their shins on the same rock on different days.

Looks good right? Got one bite and that was it

Last chance to land a steelhead flies

Bru, do you even onion ring?

Tailwaters Lodge. Legit burger. Hand formed. Not frozen

Time to head back and tie more flies

Flag fly for Yoshisan

They didn't work

Last morning. I brought my 0 degree down bag. I slept for two hours on the rocks with this over me. I was so warm I should have stayed in there. Yes that is ice on me

I wake up to Thomas hooked up

That is the fish to end a trip

Last of the biltong

This is Tuesday. The sausage has been out since Thursday


Yoshisan swinging

This is why I throw pheasant tails

This is why I throw Jumbo John

WTF is this? This is how I ended the trip.
Take a listen to the podcast. I record them so I don't have to type :)


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