Monday, August 24, 2015

Why Do Fish Not Eat Water Striders?

Click here for a little background information on these bugs.

Have you ever seen a fish eat one of these?

I certainly have not. Water striders live in all sorts of bodies of water around here but nothing eats them. On the Potomac they will blanket the surface creating a massive shade spot below. If you toss a fly into the striders and let it sink you will surely find a fish seeking respite in their shadows.

Have you ever seen a fly imitation of a water strider? I haven't. Which further reinforces my hunch that fish just don't eat them.

So why do fish not eat them? Do they taste nasty? Do they sit high enough on the water with their hairy feet (to increase surface area which prevents breaking the hydrogen bonds in the surface film)  that fish cant' see them? I had a few in my aquarium and I sure could not see them from below (I can't see anything through the surface anyway, it's a mirror. Do they bite the fish back (these bugs are known to bite people when picked up)? Most nasty tasting critters have coloration to warn that they taste bad i.e., the Monarch Butterfly.

I will continue to ponder as to why I've never seen fish eat these bugs. Please leave a comment if you have insight into this matter.

On a side note, I once hear that if we (humans) wanted to walk on water like a water strider, our feet would have to be over 7 kilometers long.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2015 ICAST and IFTD Pictures

Want to hear more about the tackle trade show? Type my name into Itunes ICAST & IFTD Podcast

Here is my badge. I put the sticker of Snow White on there for reference. The badges hang kind of low and they are rather hard to read. Thus this could identify me from a distance.

Waiting for my flight. It was cancelled. Then I was put on another flight after I almost went home and drove. The next flight was to Miami and was delayed. I got to the hotel 12.5 hours after I left home.
 This was my fuel during the trip and during the show. Paying two mortgages right now plus the expenses of a new house and this trip meant budget eating.
 This was how many people got to the customer service line before I did after all the planes in the terminal were cancelled.
 This is how many got in line after me.
 Then something else delayed us from taking off.
 There was a really cool sunset through her window. Oh well.
 Out in the ocean were islands lit up. Bahamas?
 Welcome to Miami.
 Then the doors were not working so we were stuck on the flight getting off for a long time.
 Look, a drift boat in the plane commercials.
 I got my order of four rounds of avocado rolls. And I punished them.
 At ICAST IFTD. This sculpture is made entirely out of ocean plastic.
 Cool crab lures.
 Huge fan of these.

 Follow them on Instagram. Updated regularly.  A gadget that all guides need.
 Fried food. Sold.
 This dog fishes from an SUP.
 Matzuo America booth. I got a custom air brushed shad.

 You really should be tying on these hooks. I will be using them on my intruders this fall.
 This is the nano croaker in yellow. You can throw it with an 8wt. Trust.

Finally got to meet Marianne in person.

One of my favorite hooks. All Reapers are tied on these.

 More fried food. I had spicy fried green tomato. Damn they were good.
 I find the lack of tying material companies disheartening. Only 4 showed up. These were some VERY big plumes of marabou. Get them for your steelhead flies.

 Seriously, look at that plume and its in a bag. Its bigger than my hand.
 Gonna need this game for the new house.
Rather ironic. The TV is off....
Happy hour to support PHWFF.
My next pliers. My current Pline are not  narrow enough to pull hooks out of smaller fish.
The twins. So much fun and energy.
Hook Eze.
Derek DeYoung painting a brown trout skin on a tarpon for a client who fishes fresh and salt.
Some flashy stuff over at Cascade Crest Tools.

Another source for 'reaper tails'.
You need to tie with this thread.
Bob Clouser at the Yeti booth.
Bonefish Tarpon Trust happy hour with Sweetwater Brewing.
FOOD. After a long day on my feet and a few beers in me I was glad Shimano had some hot chow.
Networking and happy hours. I'd prefer if the happy hour started later so I had more time to network and interview.
Line for the Yeti Colster giveaway.

Hanging with Conway Bowman. We will be doing MORE podcasts in the future. He also plays drums. Who knew.
Rebekka Redd. Expect a fascinating podcast from her in the future.
A.D. Maddox. Yup, podcast in the future.
What a group of randoms. Paul Puckett, Mark Crapo, Conway Bowman, and someone else.
Film festival. Had dinner with PHWFF beforehand. I hate watching these movies. All these places and adventures I don't go.

Talking with Danny of Delta Trout Force 
about Russ Schnitzer and look who walks up, Russ! Totally random.
Chap Stick Guns.
Waking back. I had been on my feet since 0730 and its now 0130 the next day.

So this egret is in my way.
New Orvis flies.

New Patagonia waders.
Breakfast at

Von Beardly aka Mark Crapo.

Very intriguing group. Please check them out. Absolutely amazing products and the hooks they gave me are on another level.

Finally met April Vokey. Could have interviewed her for hours. Be sure to listen to her podcast.

The Ty Wheel. You might just want to get this. Very well thought out. Perfect for the traveling tier.

Diablo CATamaran.

Finally met Dave after years. #FishChat every Tuesday on Twitter.
The Costa happy hour.

Ice, fruit juice, some booze. The perfect drink for the occasion.
Happy hour with the lads from Sweden on the right. Thad on the left.
These look like a bad idea and a waste of money.
Finally a greasy sandwich. One of my all time favorite meals.
I can't believe I ate this. That is below my level but I needed it.

Hotel room view.
That mold on my bathroom walls and ceiling.
Airport water.
Travel burrito.
Got a bunch of these for my fishing friends back home and loads of stuff for TPFR beer tie next week.
My custom painted Ikari.
That colster.
Snot Rocket fish game. The Pixie approves.

Trust me on the compression socks. Please listen to the podcast. I record it so I don't have to type too much here.