Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gutless Frog Fly Tying Tutorial | Updated

I've been fishing this fly since Labor Day 2014 and it performs. The fly is super easy to tie, fairly budget friendly, and weedless. As there really no tutorials out there and I haven't had one of Rob Meade's versions in my hands I have no idea how his is made. Thus I looked at his patterns from the few images I could find and began working on my own version. After tying the fly and fishing it for several months I have made a few improvements (to keep the hook from moving around) from this video from last year:

I have updated the hook and have included Clear Cure Goo Hydro into the mix. I have changed the rear leg locations too. If you want to tie this fly and your local shop does not carry the materials please ask them to special order them. If I ran a fly shop I would stock Matzuo America hooks as they are great for all of the bass patterns I tie, they are crazy sharp, and strong.

I'm headed to Florida this weekend and I needed some more of these. I made a tutorial as I tied them. 

I switched from Matzuo J hook to the Sickle hook. It keeps the hook level with the foam.
 Look at that thing. Its remarkable!
 Rainy's Float Foam. I like X-large. Others work too. If you get it in white you can color it with Copic pens to make it more frog like. Fish haven't cared so far (largemouth bass and green sunfish have fallen victim so far).
 Place hook parallel to tying bench in your Regal vise. Start your thread. Use something heavy. This is Veevus. I also like Danville Flat Waxed 210 Denier.
 Measure the foam from just past the hook eye to around the bend and back. Cut it in front of the hook eye.
 This alone will catch fish. Wrap the thread behind the hook eye. Pull tight but don't slice through the foam.
 Now make a few wraps in front of the bend on the hook before the hook eye. This will help secure the foam so it won't fall off the hook.
 Knot that thread and cut it. Toss your bobbin aside.

 Get your CCG Hydro out and put a few drops over your wraps and down the hook shank. Hit the CCG with your UV light and flip it over and repeat. This should ensure your hook stays firmly in place.

 Now you have a frog like body.
 Remove the fly from your Regal Vise.
 Next you need a Zuddy Leg Puller or big needle and rubber legs. I like green as I can see it from a distance. Yellow works great too. Fish have not seemed to mind.
 You need two strips of round rubber legs with 4-5 individual strands in each. One section should be abut 4" long and the next 6"-7". It is much easier to use legs that are fused together. Loose legs will be a pain in the arse to thread and pull.
 If you want legs like a weedless frog lure do what I do  here. Punch a hole through the bottom of the foam.
 Insert legs and pull through the foam. This is the longer segment of rubber legs.
 Baboom. Not brain surgery.
 Do the same on the opposite side.
 Pull again.

 There is the tail.
 Separate the individual strands now.
 Time for the front legs. Push the leg puller through the top portion of the foam. Put it through both pieces.
 Insert shorter leg strands and pull.
 Pull through.
 Separate the filaments and you have a gutless frog!

For any short pieces of foam left over you can always make a Chernobyl Ant. Instructions are on the inside paper of the foam.

This is what I recently caught on a gutless frog:


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