Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Potomac Snakehead Tournament

My third year fishing this tournament. The team consisted of Andrew Holt, Thomas Perkins, and Justin Schiiiavone. Want to follow them on social media, go to my Instagram RobSnowhite and see their images.

We met here at my place after my kids 4th birthday party and headed out around 4pm. We got to Marbury, Md just in time to get the gear in the boat and put in. We had planned on fishing elsewhere but due to logistics, time, 4 people in a boat with a 9.9hp outboard, park gate hours, etc we stayed in Mattowman Creek.

Here are the images from my phone. I'll have DSLR up soon.

The SnallyGaster Worm. This thing works on the rare occasion (Rose River Farm Pond). I had a few of these in my arsenal. Headed to Orlando on Friday and bringing several. 

 The Reaper in purple and chartreuse.
 Gutless Frogs with Cohen's Creature Frog Legs.
 Gutless Frog. I have made several improvements in the past months to what I tied last year. Tutorial soon.
 The flies I tied for this trip. And yes, I do sell them. Custom orders available on my site.
 Matzuo America Nano Croakers. These are not 'flies' but can be cast with a fly rod. The only 'fly' that was able to go through the lilly pads.
 Prepping the boat. Leftover pizza y'all !
 Justin eats like a teenage boy. You may have seen him eat a slab of ribs trout fishing. Here he hits up two slices of watermelon at once.
 Repping my Matzuo team hat and shirt.
 On the water working the weeds.
 Justin eating a slice of pizza.
 Thomas' fly box.

 Such a fishy location. This is pretty much the only time of the year I get to fish from my boat.

 Sun going down. It was about 30 degrees warmer than last time.
 The chorus of frogs was amazing. I could only differentiate about 5 different calls.

See how far back those plants go? That's where the snakeheads are located.
 Full moon rising.
 I cast my gutless frog along the weeds and got 3 bumps. I set the hook to nothing. I re-cast, stripped, and set the hook to this beast.
 Not a snakehead.
 Not another moon, that is a bow hunting boat with its lights. These guys are super loud and bright and basically ruin any catching chances we have.
 Dark so we turned on boat lights. That only lasted 30 mins. The power died. I live in a condo and have no where to charge my boat.

 We met up with Ivan and Davis from Urban  Angler at the docks up river. We sat down and had some drinks and finished off our food.

 Everything Justin put in the cooler had a hole in it. This is soggy pizza. He also had a soggy sandwich, and soggy hummus.
 Hanging out on the docks and spooking fornicators in their cars. This must be the make out spot.
 Then I found these chips in the dry hatch and they were destroyed fairly quickly.
 Improvising lights. Glow stick +_ cooler water.
 The bow hunters kept us up all night. Either their lights, generators, music, or putting in and taking out of the dock ALL NIGHT LONG.
 I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. What a great evening. It reminded me of college dorm nights.
 We slept on the docks.
 We started before sunrise and got into a storm of spatter dock beetles. They covered everything.
 I then had a Coors and a can of Chef Boyardee for breakfast.
 Stealthcraft tackle tray.
 Thomas catching bald eagles.

 I got two more bass in the morning. One on a chartreuse and one on a purple reaper.

 Holt took a nap. I tossed a nano croaker to Justin. It landed on Holt who didn't wake up.
 Those pads.
 Alewife in Baltimore making Banh Mi snakehad sliders.
 Raffle items.

 Chef Chad working the grill.
 This is what snakehead looks like. I don't eat fish so meh.
 This dude with a fat and nasty blue catfish.
 Justin feeding himself snakehead banh mi.
 My plan was to get one with out snakehead, just toppings. Then they mixed in the devil weed cilantro to the veggies AND the sauce.
 Free beer!
 The line to weigh in.
 Ok this is a huge cooler and that is a 10lb bag of ice. Look at that snakehead next to the bag for size.
 A blue cat hanging out to dry. They smell so nasty. Water bottle for reference.
 And this guy gets snakehead after the tournament.
The exhaustion is so worth the pain. What a fun weekend. Some of the shenanigans will be on the upcoming podcast.


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