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Monday, June 22, 2015

DC Fly Fishing Has Been Pretty Good Recently

We are in the pattern of hot days with violent afternoon thunderstorms (post about that later.) We have started fishing earlier to get off the water by late afternoon. Last storm dumped several inches in a few hours. This also messes up fishing as it diminishes the water quality.

Recent catches have included blue catfish, channel catfish, largemouth-striped-smallmouth bass, yellow perch, white perch, bluegill, and green sunfish.

Sight casting and blind casting around structure has been very productive.
 Dropper flies have been crucial. Most have been The Hook Worm, my version of the squirmy wormy.
 Blue cats are terrible for the environment. We have not killed one yet. However my new plan is to keep them and offer them to catfish anglers on the shore.
 While fishing for gar we picked up this monster yellow perch. The perch was the biggest I have ever seen. It took a 5" long Gar Clouser.
 Two flies not only increase the amount of catch but allows us to use the Clouser Minnow as a strike indicator. When the lead fly (Clouser) suddenly moves to the side we set the hook and boom-bam.
 Like I said, sight casting......
 Hopper-dropper rigs have been working great. One of many schoolie stripers in the past week. The Hook Worm again. This was while stripping in the hopper dry with the wormie dragging behind.
 I wanted to see what would happen if we dead drifted that wormie. Boom-bam. Most of these have been during low barometric pressure.
 Blind casting to the grass flat beds. We saw numerous snakehead coming up for air.
 Again, fishing for gar. The hook is set and the line immediately vacates the rod. I jumped up and freed any fly line that could have tangled on the boat. I then noticed that no gar has ever fought this hard (I foul hooked one in the tail last year and it fought like this) but this fish ATE the fly. After rowing after and grabbing the net we managed to land this on a 6wt. Biggest fish of the year on the boat and second biggest ever (female king salmon last fall was biggest) and this fish weighed only 9.1lbs unless my scale is busted. It was taking a dump so it didn't weigh as much at the end.
 We bumped into Holt later in the day. He landed this ginormous largemouth on a lure of some sort. I've never seen a bass this big around here.

Other things that have happened.  That blue catfish jumped like a tarpon when it ran. Never seen that before. We hooked a small largemouth and had a snakehead chase it down to eat it. Maybe 20' and it gave up. A bluegill ate the Snowhite Damsel and was promptly stolen off the line by a brown water snake.

And this is The Hook Worm.I'm out of material so these few have to last for a while.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

That Non-Fly Fishing Trip To Orlando

A little family vacation took place a few weeks back in Orlando. The plan was one day at Disney with the rest of the time at a hotel for the weekend. The hotel had a massive pond (or a small lake?) My plan was to fish on down time. Here is what happened.I was told to watch out for posted water as a lot of it doesn't allow fishing. Sure enough:

National Airport might just be the best airport around. You get to your gate very fast.
 Follow that sign next week to ICAST/IFTD
 We were hungry and this place was across from the hotel.
 And it was awesome. Steak burgers?! With shoestring fries with fry sauce.
 We got to the hotel at noon and the room wasn't ready for 3 hours so we chilled at the pool.
 I walked over to the pond. There was a bridge across the middle. This soft shell turtle came up to breathe.
 I geeked out over the epiphytes.
 Back in the room I prepared my leader. I had to put a loop on the end of my new line and used my new P Line pliers.
 My fly selection. Same as the Tidal Potomac. Frogs, reapers, Clousers, Snallygasters.
 View from the room. And there is no fishing in the waters here!
 Headed to Whole Foods and a storm rolls in.
 What is this? Fresh Porcini Mushrooms? OMG. We bought a bunch and some butter. And we cooked them and ate them and it was fantastic. Just remember, Morels are NOT mushrooms.
 Parents car  has XM so I played the Grateful Dead station.
 Sunset after the storm.
 Headed to Disney. You can take a guided trip on these lakes.
 I got to meet Princess Anna of Arendelle.
 And this book about me.
 A small world, haven't been in there in 29 years.

 This is the first place I had chicken fingers. Summer of 1986.
 Inside the Little Mermaid. Didn't get to meet Ariel.

 Though I did meet Snow White (she spells it wrong.)
 Ibis in the park.
 Back at the hotel. Kirsi and I walk across the bridge and since there is no fishing of course we see some HUGE grass carp. These were the size of the tarpons at Robbies.
 Some of them had broken backs at one point and were shaped like a S

 Off to fish. I have my Orvis Bass Rod . Small enough to take in an elevator in one or two parts.
 This lady gave me a ride in a golf cart to the exit. Plan was to fish across the street in a drainage pond.
 What is this car?
 I get to the pond and string up my rod. I'm quickly greeted by OTTERS.

 Next pond had nothing to cast at. I did spook something. Note the mud.
 Another pond. Lots of grass and structure. No fish.
 Outside Walmart. Look at that water. And of course its NO TRESPASSING.
 I find this spot that is not posted then I get a call to pick my dad up at a meeting at another hotel. It makes sense in Podcast.
 I use Google Maps to find this park. Of course....
 Look at that water!
 So I find another pond. This one is fishable.
 Yet no fish.
 Another pond. Is this goose dead?

 Nothing on frogs and reapers. I get a small bite on a frog leg. I put on this hopper.
 NO love. I head to this spot adjacent.

 Look at that water!
 Nothing in the pond above. So I return to the spot I got a bite.
 I didn't get skunked on this trip. I had hoped for some monster bucket mouth bass on a gutless frog.
 These flowers were really awesome.
 And flying home over my home waters. That is the Tidal Basin and the false Potomac shore. The river was moved back in the day.
 And finished the night off with an Avalanche Burger at Beer Tie.

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