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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Project Healing Waters 2015 2-Fly

Here are the pictures from the 2-Fly Tournament. You can listen to the podcast here

 My selection of flies before the big event
 Flip Pallot with a cup
 Aaron O with his cigar and flask
 Bluegill tourney set up
 Hot lunch on a cold day
 Habanero chili, no thanks.
 Ed giving a talk.
 A bit of whiskey to warm me up

 Flies and hand painted box for Saturday's winner.
 Cheyenne jumps into the back of the TFO mobile
 TFO owner Rick Pope stickering up my car
 Cory Routh stickering up my car
 Chayenne jumps into my car
 Looking for trout before dinner
 Cleanest portable terlet I've seen.
 And the urinal.
 Teams and guides.
 CEO Ellen
 Inside an RV with a 'fire place'
 Holt and Richard sipping whisky.
 Harold all ready to go. I had on 3x the layers of him and I was frigid.
 @TLTLFF punishing some oysters
 A loss to the Islanders, still made it through.

 Would have been nice to have propane heaters in here. I was too cold dto have a beer.
 Dan Morgan looking for a Jersey Salad.
 Fog on them hills.

 Joel Thompson with Joel Thompson

 Sunday gearing up. Cold and cloudy.
 Richie nets their first fish of the day.

 This crayfish smelled like a rotten dumpster behind a seafood buffet.

 Bald eagle

 Hot Beef Injection (Simpsons)
 Richie with a mayfly.
 Shawn with a bow.
 Nice fish on the pearl worm.

 19" on the Bacon Fly.
 Capt. Kim with her fish ink.
 Ed J. casting demo.
 Me and flip.
 Beaver prevention fail.

 We won 3rd.

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