Monday, April 20, 2015

DIY Canoe Rack | Change Back On A Ten

So I have this beater canoe. I want to have it on hand to guide for snakehads this summer in some hard to reach spots. The canoe has had a lot of fun over the past decade.

The issue with storage is we live in a two bedroom apartment/condo and there isn't room to store it. I used to keep it at my parents house which is a 20 minute drive with no traffic. I need to keep it close for work.

For several months the canoe has been at a friend's backyard down in Lorton. The problem is he just moved to Charleston, SC this week. So last week I picked up the canoe.

As you may know, my old car died in November. It had a roof rack. My current ride does not. We tied down the canoe with the straps running through the car. Its rather awkward but it works and it provides a rod rack when taking rods to work. The downfall is there is no room for me to wear my cowboy hat while driving.

The other problem with the new set up is that it covers my sunroof. That isn't too bad, I can deal with the extra shade. The bad issues is that the canoe in its current state prevents me from opening the back of my car to get to my gear.

Rather than going out and buying a Yakima or Thule
rack I decided to improvise. I went out today and  bought two pool noodles at the Dollar Tree. I then went to Home Depot and purchased a long piece of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) piping. You should look up how this stuff was invented, totally by accident, rather fascinating.

I had the guy at Home Depot cut the pipe to the length of two pool noodles and my daughter and I shoved the pipe up in that noodle. We threw these into the back of the car and drove the .5 miles home.

The pixie stood by as I loosened the straps and shoved the reinforced noodles under the boat. I then tightened the straps and baboom I have a roof rack. The canoe is elevated just high enough to allow air to flow through the sun roof and allow for me to open the back of the car.

 Final product. Its cheap and filthy and it should work.


  1. stilll not a solution to the cowboy hat situation.....

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