Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders March 2015 Beer Tie | Clouser Deep Minnow

Beer Tie was created by TPFR member Dalton. He wanted the club to get together to tie flies and drink beer. What started as a small club five years ago has become a community of anglers. We are now hosting the beer tie at the second location, Whitlow's On Wilson. We outgrew the dark Irish pub.

I volunteer to teach a new fly pattern each month. The flies are based on what the fish are feeding on or will be feeding upon in the near future. Each pattern is rather easy (remember, we are at a bar which has dodgy light, people are drinking, the vises wobble on the tables, and we are also eating). I try to pick larger patterns as its hard for everyone to see their flies in the dark and hard for me to see what people are tying. 

This week's beer tie was a good one. Loads of people came out. TPFR is also partnering with Port City Brewing Company (take a left out of my street and drive about 4 miles and make a right and you are there). I chose to teach the Clouser Deep Minnow and Bob Clouser gave me one of his flies at Tie Fest for us to use as an example.

Beer tie is on the second Monday of each month. It is all ages. Monday is also half price burger night. Craft beers are $3 until 7pm. All tools and materials are provided at the teaching table at no cost to the tier. 

Here are some of the images. 

I get to Orvis early to pick out materials. Orvis is on the same block as Whitlow's.

  5 cases of Port City brews
 The Mike Dunlap TPFR logo popper. It was sad to see this go. I wanted it for myself. It went in the raffle
 This is a first time tier's creation. This is a very fish fly
 Most seats were filled

 Art from Orvis Tysons Corner @OrvisTysonsCorner demonstrated how to use a lighter to melt the waxed thread on the head of the Clouser. Very cool hack though it smelled nasty
 A blank hook. The other issue with the space is these are patio tables. This one where we tie is perforated. If you drop just about any hook, bead, dumbell eye etc it will go through the table
 Terry C helping out
 My stack of flies for the night. Teaching allows me to stock my guide boxes (last year when I taught the Clouser I went out the next morning and got a snakehead on my beer tie fly)
 Griz tied up his very very popular shad fly
 Art burning more stuff. Burnt deer hair is nasty

Want to make it to the next event? Click here

Want to start your own beer tie, let me know if you have any questions. Our club is based through the International Federation of Fly Fishers.

Want to tie the Clouser Deep Minnow, click below


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