Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lefty Kreh's Tie Fest 2015

The day started off great. I picked up Justin around 0815 and we headed toward the Eastern shore. We had deep conversations such as what if Cracker Barrel had an all you can eat buffet- what would they have on the steam tables and what would  you go for first.

We arrived at the venue around 9:30 and started to set up. We ordered bloody Mary's and I started to tie flies.

The plan was to tie a bunch of flies, demonstrate some of my patterns, and walk around and get everyone on the podcast.

Not much later the wife texts me. She wants to know if I have her car keys. I look in my jacket and sure enough I do. It was her birthday too. So she was stuck at home with the pixie on her birthday. She was not happy, I was in trouble, and my day was rather ruined. I just didn't have it in me to tie a bunch of flies, walk around and podcast, and just enjoy the day.

This was one of the busiest Tie Fests I have seen. One of my favorite of the winter shows. If you have not been, you really do need to be there next year. Tiers came from all up and down the east coast and from as afar away as Lake Erie.

A spicy bloody to start the morning. I had about two sips before handing it over to Justin. I was about to drive home for the day to drop off the keys

 A blank Matzuo America wide gap worm hook size 1. Sharp, strong, sharp. My preferred hook for big bass and snakehead flies
 A copper reaper with Snow White (she spells it wrong)
 Smaller reapers. I need some size 2 hooks for these.
 Gutless frogs. I can't get enough. Fly purchasers can't get enough. Selling a lot of these. Playing around with leg placement
 Justin watching how to tie a tiny hellgrammite
 Mike Dunlap @chesapeaketjam (follow him)
 Look at these poppers
 Ivan from Urban Angler Va. He is a brilliant fly tier. Always great to see what he is up to

 This is a view during a slow time. The guest speakers filled rooms
 Richie Tillman tying up some awesome salty flies. Holt picked some up for the Frogman headquarters
 Morgan @tltlff with a freakishly big buck tail
 Mike Dunlap with his TPFR popper

Thats about it. I wanted to share more of the event and what was going on but I ended up leaving early to get home. A bottle of Woodford Reserve and a few dozen flowers helped ease the wife's anger.


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