Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lancaster Fly Fishing Show Pictures

What a busy show it was...

The drive up took about 4 hours due to traffic. I arrived to find I had an ENTIRE table to myself. I set up and headed to my room with a few whoopie pies from the front desk. I then met up with the lads from Hunter Banks Fly Shop and we went out for some Japanese/Thai food.

Then things started out with a bang at 0900 on Saturday when the doors opened. I had loads of people stopping by. Some picked up cards, some stared at me like WTF is this dude tying, some took pictures, and everyone was having fun. Tom next to me was super busy all day long.

Sunday started off super busy and then tapered off. I had a little time to podcast but every time I looked at my table someone was there so I had to run back. The snow turned to freezing rain as the show ended so I packed up as soon as possible to get out and minimize my driving home in the dark. I got home around 7:30 on Sunday and the ice coated my car all over. It was  not a pleasant drive back.

It was an awesome show. Can't wait to do it again next year.

The drive to Lancaster County. 

 Setting up at the show. Eerily quiet. Gives me a chance to see all the booths

 View from the hotel room. Our room did not get below 74 degrees all weekend despite turning down the thermostat. I as I always do- fill the recycling  can with ice and put beer in there. The ice was all melted by morning
 A cold Coors Banquet and some Seinfeld. One of my favorite episodes
 Off to Sakura. I punished some avocado rolls and then some Panang curry
 I stole some stickers from Allen as I went back to get my phone charger after dinner
Then we crashed the Pennsylvania Bar Association Luau party
 I didn't sleep much as my room was beyond hot. I awoke to a sunny day and a big breakfast. I had my plate of bacon after I ate breakfast
 Then the tying started. Here is my take on the Reaper fly. Tied on a Matzuo America size 1 offset worm hook
 Casting pond with Mike Mauri
 The crowd was packed
 Dangerous head wear in this crowd
 A bunch of guys saw my reapers and curly tails and custom ordered as many as I could tie before they came back. I was tying as quick as possible as I talked to everyone stopping by. It was so much fun
 I didn't have the proper material for chartreuse curly tails. I had to improvise with black/chart legs and taking white UV hackle and using a Copic pen to turn it chart
 Bob Clouser casting. You can see him at Tie Fest this weekend.
 My view of the show. No one across from me this year to scare
 More crowd shots
 A sample of the patterns I tied. gutless frogs were a big hit. I sold more of those than anything else. I thought the folks would be into shad flies but it was bass/snakehead fodder they purchased
 Tom and his Knotty Eggs

 Watch Tom's video below. Super easy fly and they look great.

 Tom Sadler showing Tenkara skills

 I wasn't sure what this stuff was at first. It looked like whats in a filter of a vacuum cleaner or an old air vent filter (which is dead skin cells)
 Next to it was the stuff in packaging
 And a very buggy looking fly
 My reaper in purple. Love this fly. Those hooks are samurai sword sharp
 Some intruders. Thankfully no one stole them this year
 David from Project Healing Waters and I headed out for dinner. I have a super bad fear of these grates and the only option to avoid was an icy patch of cement to the side. Not cool Lancaster, not cool
 Oh a pint and the price is so fantastic compared to local pubs
 It may look gross but the steak and cheese egg roll with chipotle ranch was awesome
 Then this strange commercial came on

 I call these the Cinderella stairs in the hotel. I hated them as my boots have no traction
 Crowd rolling in Sunday morning. I took this from the elevator
 Some beautiful streamer flies. Seriously, look at those

 Elongated Clouser flies
 Some more creative flies

 I then loaded up on Fly Shack hooks. Can't beat that price and they have no faults
 Tied up some Snowhite Hellgrammite. I decided to elongate the tail and I'm sticking with that for now

 Took a break to look out the window
 Back to Reapers
 I forgot legs on the Jumbo John
 Stopped off with Eunon http://www.addictedtovise.com/  and Brad. Tom Tickler was the best fly name given by Eunon

 Tom's table
 My table
 The Whisky fairy dropped off some single malt while I was at the Fly Vines booth

This toddler had a vise on his stroller
 Who and what you missed if you didn't go

 Fly Vines Erin learning from that Simon who supports the other team from Liverpool
 Accidents on the drive home
 Frozen over Susquehanna
 Ice and slush in the Sheetz lot
 A big sandwich to energize my ride home
 Note the jack hole behind me who was tailgating with his lights off
 I could barely get up this section of sidewalk and then the stairs and more sidewalk due to ice

And I'm home and focusing on TieFest. See y'all this Saturday


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