Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Beer Tie

What a turnout for a Beer Tie.

Many thanks to Port City Brew for stopping in and planning on some cross over events with local craft beer and the fly fishing scene. The bar ran out of the 2 cases of Monumental IPA brought by the brewery. Port City also had pins, koozies for pint glasses, stickers, and coupons for drinking at their brewery.

I arrive early to set up the tying table where I teach novice tiers to tie their first flies

 Then I eat. Avalanche burger. Remember, Monday is half price burger night
 Others eating and drinking before tying starts
 Chad from Port City setting up
 A first fly for a novice tier. These are my shad puffs.
 Dan interrupts the tying (others bring their vises to fill their boxes) for announcements, raffles, etc
 Chad and a full house
 Not Smurf beer, its raffle tickets. This is  how the club raises funds
 "Nemo" and her first shad puff
 Another first time tier with their shad puff. Super easy. We'll be filming a tutorial tonight
 The aftermath. Lots of Flashabout, chenille, and dumbell eyes all around.
 See y'all at the next Beer Tie


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