Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Somerset Fly Fishing Show Post Mortem

Some afterthoughts to the blog

1. Everything can be tied in to a Seinfeld episode. I think everyone should have a name tag at these events. Just a sticker at the door they can fill out. So many people nowadays has a pseudonym for their online persona. I'm sure a lot of us would have more fun if we all knew who we were talking to that we read about on a daily basis.


2. Second, as I type this I feel like arse. My body hurts and I want to chunder. This is either because I came  home to a  house full of sick ladies or I shook too much hands at the show. I should have washed my hands at the show more often. This does give me a chance to indulge in a big cuppa of Earl Grey (haven't received my tin of Lady Grey in the mail yet from the Amazon) with lots of honey and some full cream.

3. At the next show I am going to stop by each booth and find out what they do and take a picture of their booth for the blog. 


4. Food trucks. I'd want local food trucks to be outside. That would give me more incentive than eating shite all weekend. Something with healthy options AND a clever name.

5. Crock pots. I'm over crappy cup of noodle and canned Beefaroni. If there won't be food trucks I'm going to bring a crock pot to my station. Velveeta, picante, jalapenos, canned chili. I'll have chip too. If your hands aren't too grimy I might just offer you a chip.

6. Implementation of a farting lounge. To avoid the constant crop dusting (yes this was a theme brought up several times over the weekend. It is only masked by the smell of mothballs and Aqua Velva on old men. I propose a designated farting lounge like the smokers have at the airport. A negative air pressurized suite will keep the funk contained. If not you will know who may have sharted (you can't un see this image be warned. This is a fly show not a 'FLY Show') and is now walking around quietly dispersing their flatus. Justin and I were caught in a cloud of mustard gas as we walked the 'tunnel' form the venue over to TK's. It was heinous. It was as if everyone waited until that moment to deflate on their way from the show floor to the bar. My eyes burned and my nostril hair was singed.

7. Maps. Is there a map available to show where all the booths and tiers are located? If so, I want one.


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