Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In Search Of Virginia Trout

That is correct, I said trout. I went on a trout mission over the weekend. We worked hard all day long from a shadowless morning to long shadows in the afternoon. Here is what we encountered.

I started the day early at Sheetz with a fried chicken biscuit and it was fantastic. This was my first road trip in the new ride. I enjoyed having an arm rest for the first time in about 5 years. The sunroof was great too. I've also managed to keep this car clean so it didn't stink and the cup holders had room for a cup of coffee as they were not full of flies.

Empty roads. I don't often see these in Northern Virginia. 

This church was on a hill. It was worth taking a picture but didn't do justice.

I got to the cabin around  0900 as the lads were setting up. We suited up and headed to Murray's.
 I haven't been to Murray's in about 15 years.
Murray giving a talk. He hasn't aged since I saw him last. 


 Picking out flies

 Looking for BBQ
 Note to self, don't wear cleated boots in here. You'll wipe out.

 I only eat cured pig and they don't do briscuit on the weekends. I didn't want to eat beans or slaw as I was going to be in waders all day. I just sat and waited for the lads to order.

We parked and started scouting out fish. I've never seen this much horsetail before. It made an awful noise as I walked through it and the silica within scraped against my waders.

 We worked deep pools, plunge pools, bends, riffles, log jams etc. I only saw a school of suckers. I did see A LOT of discarded power bait and the containers it comes in. That is not a good sign. I fished for several hours and burned through my breakfast.
 I headed back upstream before the others. I missed out on the pod of trout in a deep hole. The lads worked them over and Schiavone hooked into one that jumped. I was getting texts as this was going on while I was sitting in the sunshine upstream and listening to the water. I don't often get to do this.
 Power bait.
 The lads fished a bit longer and dug BBQ out of their packs. I've seen someone eat stone crab legs out of their waders before so someone pulling a slab of ribs out wasn't that crazy but still a sight to laugh at.
 We got in the car and headed upriver. Again power bait and litter. These spots seemed like they would be full of fish. Deep and clear pools with walls on one side and a beach on the other.
 The temps were dropping as the sun passed over the mountain.
I blamed the bald eagle above too for taking the trout. 
 Potter scouting a spot. I was amazed we didn't see any fish in these spots.
 Walking out.
 Winter stonefly. A few 'blue winged olives' and some midges were also about. I spotted a single red eye rock bass and that was it. My guess is that the locals had cleaned out the whole stream.
 The bacon fly worked hard all day.There is one thing I have learned about trout fishing, if they are there they will eat the bacon fly.
 Walking out. Need beer STAT.
 The church on the way out. I have had a lot of fish less days. I would rather have a fun day out in the woods with friends and catch no fish than to do a lot of other things.
Next adventure is either Virginia muskie or a spring creek. I'll keep you posted.


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