Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Picks For Holiday Gifts

In no particular order. Pick them up at your local fly shop, order them on Amazon Prime (and help PHWF), or get your loved ones to get them for you:

If none of these work you can always use the Random Gift Generator.

Shakoolie. For your shower beer. You come off the water in the summer and you need a can of activity beer stat and a shower. Combine them.

A shirt from Snikwah I was thoroughly impressed with the design of these shirts. Pick up one for me too. 

Boomerang Tool. This stuff will cut any fishing line you have. Retractors and LED light built in.

Yeti Rambler   I have been enjoying hot or cold drinks in this since July. It travels with me everywhere.
YETI Rambler 20 and 30 ounce Tumbler

Rite bobbin It will change how you tie flies. You will need more than one. Trust. 

Regal Vise. I've been using them for 10 years now. 
Regal Vise

Activated Charcoal Pills. Because wader farts can be prevented. Especially when you are wearing someone elses waders.
Nature's Way Charcoal Activated, 100 Capsules, 280 mg

A Flyin The Flats shirt. We've been wearing them for several months and they fit great and are terribly comfy. The wife wears hers to sleep.
Charleston Blue LS Back on White

Potato Ricer. Your mashed taters are lumpy. Trust me on this one.

Cablz. Been wearing them for two years and haven't noticed them. I walk in the door and hang my Costas on the thermostat.

Fly Vines. From your wrist to a dog leash. 
Simms fold over mitts aka Glommits. 
ExStream Foldover Mitt

Angling Art by Andrea Larko. She has the Midas touch. 

Cholula green pepper. I discovered this near SRNY. I will get a case on Amazon. 

 Drink Like a Honey Badger Novelty Flask

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