Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fishing Spam

For the second time in a year I have recieved this e-mail. Please feel free to respond to Christopher for me:

Message - Hello, My name is Christopher Walter and i will like to enquire if there is availability for 5 persons whom will be coming to spend their ten days vacation trip with your company....our company has requested we present our preferred period for our vacation, which we have chosen to spend on a fishing, as such i will like you to present me with your free days on your fishing periods for the year 2015 Please note that we would require a boat or two depending on space for our vacation holiday...on this note i kindly request you get back to me with availability stands and accommodation if any...then present me with the sum-total cost for all running through a period of ten days We are all looking forward to arriving at your base and having our desire fun filled vacation for the specified period of time, which we hope to be memorable to initiate such subsequent fishing vacation trips we would like you to arrange this below mentioned packages for us. (1)lodging(if available) (2)fishing guides and 2 boat(optional) running for 8hr each day(we did go for one boat if you have one big enough for the 5persons). (3)total packages. Hope this is clear enough..,as such i await a response from you via a reply email to this email address, so we can proceed and possibly book/hold down our reservation /spot... NB: mode of payment; Credit card.... Best Regards, Christopher Walter London, UK

On a side note, spam is one of the best baits out there. Put a sugar cube size piece on a hook and drop it in. The problem is it might fall off if you try to cast it, and turtle slove the stuff. Taking a turtle off a hook is no fun.  They hiss and will go for your fingertips. And some of  your fishing buddies might try to eat it. 

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  1. I caught a 15lb snapping turtle on an olive bugger this summer carp fishing. That was an experience trying to control the bastard to get the hook out of his mouth while trying to keep all my fingers. He was not a happy camper. Next time I'll use spam, maybe he would be in a better mood. LOL