Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December Beer Tie Pictures and Video

Not many pictures here. I was to busy stuffing my maw with an avalanche burger then flapping my gums about tying flies. I taught the prince nymph. Rather easy fly to tie with minimal materials yet maximum effectiveness. Tying with beads and small hooks on a perforated table makes it a challenge. If you drop something it goes onto the bar floor.

 Bird before beer tie |  Bird after beer tie

However due to the low light I will start teaching bigger patterns in the future. It is too hard for me to see what everyone at the table is doing. The youngest member at the learning table was in 6th grade.

It was a big turnout. TPFR member Bruce donated an entire library of books which were used as raffle items.

My friend Steve from FrogmanOutdoors.org  (FMO) spoke about his new organization that takes injured and disabled Special Operations Command veterans fishing in Florida. Please check out their Website. FMO is holding a major fund raiser event at Heist in DC in January. Details to come. $20 donation gets you open bar vodka. Don't quote me on that yet.

Jeff from http://www.findthefishing.com/ balancing a pint and tying materials.  That is a pro right there.

 TPFR Dan giving a talk about fly fishing and All About That Bass
 No-hackle Prince tied with dodgy lighting.
 Steven introducing FMO.
 Dan relaxing.
 @TMPerkins1 Thomas bringing the holiday spirit.

Here is a time laps of the event. If in the area, pleas stop by the next one, January 12


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