Monday, September 1, 2014

Meade's Gutless Frog | It Works

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I have not caught a bass (on the fly as opposed to any other method) since the Snakehead Tournament. That was the start of summer. Today summer ends as school starts back up, our pool closes, and traffic will become horrendous.

My family met up with Rebecca this morning out in Reston. My wife wanted to try her stand up paddle board aka SUP (do you have to change the name if you sit down on one?) and I brought the drift boat.

Summer may be over based on the calendar but this is going to be the hottest week of the year with temps around 96 tomorrow. I was uncomfortable in the heat for the first time today with morning temps at 91. We got on the water around 9am. The wife took to the SUP like a pro as she does with any athletic undertaking. Rebecca and I worked the shoreline. First we had a purple wormie on under a thingamabobber and it worked. One bluegill had a caterpillar sticking out of its throat yet still ate the wormie. Then a bass.

After we got the skunk off it was time to try the frog. I was on the oars while Rebecca cast an 8wt with the gutless frog. If you didn't watch the video on how to tie it, click below:

It was my goal to catch a bass on this fly today. The pixie wanted to row.

She wanted to cast. Ended up sticking the rod straight to the bottom. She's learning.

 This bluegill ate the wormie. It also had a huge caterpillar sticking out of its mouth.

Davenport throws the frog to shore and the water explodes. After a brief fight and a sweet rod bend the fish is landed. I am amazed. This fly is too fantastic. I feel like I just discovered Oreos or something.
Rebecca holds out her prize. That is a 3 year old bass from my home waters. I've now been fishing there for 34 years. Wow.
My turn to fish. It has been a long time since I fished from the boat, say, the snakehead tournament? All covered up with my +Virginia ProjectHealingWaters  buff and my Flyin' The Flats shirt. It is the softest shirt I own so expect to see it on me often.
Their first time on the boat. Looking like they've been there before.
I get my first bass in months and I get it on the gutless frog!
Then the ladies fished. The wife sight cast to a monster grass carp and a monster common. Both around 20+ pounds.
My turn again. Then the pixie got restless and we headed back.
We fished while they paddled.


I'm glad we got to fish this fly with fish eager to eat it. You'd be surprised at the size of this fly and the fish that ate them. Go tie one and fish it before summer is over.


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