Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brown Trout Podcast | A Life History + Memorable Brown Trout Caught While Fly Fishing

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I talked about a few memorable brown trout that I have caught in the past 15 years. Here are the pictures and some stories behind them. I've gone through the computer and tried to find some good pics, can't find all of them.

This is the biggest trout I have caught in Virginia. Taken on the dumbest looking foam bug.

This small brown has a belly full of salmon eggs. It was barfing them up the whole time it took to unhook and photograph.

My largest brown trout ever. Taken on a sucker spawn meth fly in the DSR section of the Salmon River, NY.

My first trout landed on a mouse fly. This was on the Dream Stream section of the South Platte in Colorado. 

 It was also the week I started to cut my own hair. I've gotten better.
 This brown had the most amazing coloration. On a bacon streamer above Lake Dillon in Colorado in 1999.


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