Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Matching The Shad Fry Hatch | Stripers at Dusk

Last night was the first shad fry sighting of the season. All of the baby American shad born in the spring have suddenly appeared. We saw a school around the outflow of Four Mile Run just before dusk. As the tide came in (high tide was 9) we started to see the shad fry begin to breach the water's surface as they fed.

I cut off my client's fly and put on a 4" Clouser minnow as soon as the breaches became a regular event. Time to match the hatch. As the sun set we began to see signs of stripers moving up and into the top of Four Mile Run. Those splashes could not be mistaken for any other fish.

My client and I began our walk out and I had him casting to the Alexandria shoreline. Stripers were busting bait all around us. Baby shad lept out of the water to eat bugs all around us.

I began to film the shad popping out of the water. And as with all videos you see on Facebook, 'you'll never believe what happens next".


If you don't know how to tie a Popsicle, here you go: 


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