Sunday, July 13, 2014

Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling 7L Gear Review

I've been using 'sling pack's for a long time. I used to have a rather large and rectangular fanny pack from my grandma. I used to put everything from live mole crabs in there for beach fishing Palm Beach to a box of spinners for fishing the Rappahannock back home. Then I migrated to a vest after working at Orvis. From there I got a 2-handed rod and the butt would get caught in my vest. So then I went to a chest pack. I finally picked up the Orvis sling pack but felt something was missing. Then one day my client had this bag. I was sold once I saw the water bottle holder. That was missing from the Orvis bag.

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I picked up one of these slings over the winter at the end of my steelhead season. Here are the reasons I endorse this product.

The bag is comfortable. That is a huge selling point for me. It fits on what my wife calls my 'freakishly long toso.' I barely know its on. Connecting the strap across my chest makes it stay put.

If wading deep I'm not too worried about the contents getting soaked, the fabric blocks most precipitation and river water from getting in. If it does get wet, leave it on your hot car seat on the way home and it'll be dry. Remove contents too. 

The water bottle holder will keep a 32oz Nalgene for me. Days like today of oppressive heat and humidity while wearing waders is crucial to stay hydrated. If there is no hydration in there I will keep either a large fly box or several spools of Berkley Vanish flouro.

The large pocket is large. Quite large in fact. I loose stuff in there. I currently have 4 Orvis foam boxes and 2-3 spools of Berkley Vanish. The spools are large, about this big-unless you are on a mobile.

I put a 1" split ring from a key chain on the zipper pull so it is easier for me to open.

There is a rather large ripple foam strip inside the smaller pocket. I have all sorts of flies in there to dry. I can also put 2 of the above spools up in there.

The pockets along the strap keep extra nippers, hemos, and knot tying tools out of the way.

Inside each pocket (large and small) are smaller pouches where I keep business cards, strike indicators

If you want to purchase one of these, please consider going through Pro Guide Direct where I receive comission on each purchase in my pro-guide store. Right now there is FREE SHIPPING on this product!

Check out Bill and TCO discussing the bag:


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