Wednesday, July 23, 2014

ICAST & IFTD Gear Review | Yeti Rambler

I've had a dedicated beverage cup for about a decade now, my Tervis tumbler. I may have to replace that now.

During ICAST \ IFTD last week I waited in line for a Yeti 20oz Rambler, "keeps your drinks as COLD as science allows."

I didn't drink out of this cup until I got home (I had to stuff business cards and other stuff in it on the way home to save space.

Upon returning home I filled this cup at 4pm on Friday with ice cubes and some Trader Joes lemonade with green tea. The cup did not get cold to the touch. I sipped this beverage through the clear top. It was quite the refreshing moment I had hoped for after a long day of travel.

As I type this I am drinking some coffee (I like Duncan with Bailey's Irish Cream creamer). I made the java at 0730 and it stayed piping hot until 0830 when I had to leave to take the pixie to camp.

Just got  home at 1000 and its still warm. Not hot, but a nice, soothing warmth. Its 90 outside with 96% humidity so a piping hot cup is not what I want now.

Back to the ice tea/lemonade. Upon waking early Saturday morning I went to refill my cold beverage. Ice had not melted. Tea mix was frigid.

My Mercury outboard was ready to pick up so I headed out to Harbin Marine and then to Bull Run Marina to run up the run and back down. The trip took all of 3.5 hours. I topped off my ice tea and headed out with last night's ice.

I got back to my solar oven of a car to find the ice was just about done after nearly 14 hours.

This cup sells itself. Don't let the price confuse you. I now have to purchase another one as the wife wants to use this on. I'll update on how a rum runner fairs in this after our trip to Charleston.

I called Yeti and the cups are already sold out. If you need one now find  your nearest Yeti dealer or get on the waiting list. Trust. Get it for hot cider and rum as fall is near and the craft stores already have their Halloween decorations up.


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  1. Cup is absolutely amazing I purchased the 30oz & couldn't wait to try it out. I have read reviews on other sites & some people bash this cup. There's no reason to complain, what other cup will do this. Honestly your drink will go flat or spoil before the ice melts. I challenge someone to make a cup as good as the rambler. If I had to complain it would be the cup was made in china. What's up with that Yeti?