Thursday, July 24, 2014

ICAST \ IFTD Gear Review | Semper Fli Silk 12/0 Thread

I spent a lot of time at the Cascade Crest Tools booth at IFTD last week. I was too busy playing with their stuff and talking to get a podcast interview. Those working the booth were very generous in giving me some sample tying materials to play with. One of those materials was Semper Fli12/0 Thread.

A spool of pink thread was on display.  I picked it up and was told to try and break it with my hands. If  you follow my Youtube videos you  know I mainly tie with Danville flat waxed 210 Denier. I can break that manually fairly easily. When I wrapped the 12/0 thread around my fingers and hand to pull it apart it was a different story. I was more worried about the thread cutting into my fingers before it broke.

This stuff is no joke. Its very strong. I've already started to tie with it and am very impressed. Folks, I might have a new thread to tie with. It is major thin. How thin you ask? While holding the spool at IFTD the thread was wispy enough to remain floating in the air like spider silk. Gravity didn't have any effect on it. Its that light.

Not only is this thread strong and light,  it is very thin. You can wrap and wrap as much as you want and it barely takes up an any space. Use it on bass bugs (I'm tying redfish flies) or nymphs.

Of course you should put it in your RiteBobbin. If you pick up a spool I'd be interested to see what you tie. Send me an e-mail and let me know your creations.

Stay tuned for more gear reviews from ICAST \

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