Friday, June 27, 2014

Recent Pictures

It has been tough trying to get out and fish with this beautiful weather-why you ask? World Cup is on!

We've managed to get out in between matches and before matches to get in some guided instruction, fishing, and summer fun.

Bullhead catfish on the fly. First for us.
 Kid bending over had just thrown his slurpee into the dead tree. I yelled at him and he pulled it out and put it in his family's trash bag. WTF
 Found a dollar bill at Four Mile Run.
 It wasn't a poo dollar. I was thankful.
 Low tide bass.
 The big bass that got away. It took a long, pink San Juan worm. I blew the landing so you'll have to take out word.
 Cleaning out the bass fly box.
 Re-stocked the bass box.
 Too fat to close.

Rods rigged and ready to go.

 Ah, wet wading. Minnows biting my toes is not fun.
 White perch are still around.
 Stripers on San Juan. The first fish of the day broke me off on a worm on 8lb tippet.
 Always a fun sight to have fly overs at the Tidal Basin.
 I was sight casting to a school of carp and got this one on a worm.
 Spent the week at my parents. Took my daughter and dr jones out.
 She wanted to be carried home, not fun.
 The next day we had some Flippin Pizza at South Lakes Shopping Center and then fished behind the restaurants.
 She is using my first fly rod. A rod in a box from Sports Authority circa 1987
 I helped set the hook. Her first fish on the fly.  She turned 3 a few weeks ago.
 Another slab bluegill. She landed 3.

 She was concerned the geese would eat baby doll so baby doll  hung out in the sling pack.
 First of the summer cicadas.
 Back home last night and more worms.
 Water levels are looooking good for this weekend.


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