Thursday, May 15, 2014

Recent Fun Fishing Pics | May in DC

Again, its not often that I get to fish for fun. I managed to get out with some friends recently (new and old) to wet a line. This further emphasizes that the month of May is the BEST month to fish in and around Washington DC. It has the most diverse species available and the best chance for big fish.

Here is what we got into:

A sip of Ardbeg

 Big bluegill
 More big bluegill
 Flying fish
 My big bluegill. All my fish were on the damsel. I lost the BIGGEST crappie I have ever seen. It was the size of Shaq's footprint. I threw my rod (it was already broken) when I lost it.
 Green sunfish
 More bluegill
 Bass. This one had tried to eat the above green sunfish
 Big bluegill
 I was 100% positive this fish ate my Clouser until it was landed and we found the hook next to the side of the head. Major disappointment.
 Montana John's first striper
 And white perch
 End of run hickory shad
 My first schoolie of the year !!

 Double perch
 A snagger got this one. It almost pulled him into the river. I was barely able to open its mouth to show Montana John. Everything about this mouth tells you it is an apex predator made to hold onto prey and not let it go.


This time, he’s said that the photos of him appearing to twist and jab his wife’s nose were just him picking snot out for her. Joseph Fabiano

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