Monday, May 19, 2014

High Tide + Flood + Big Moon = Good Fishing

I'll continue my saying that May has the best fishing in the DC Metro area.

Today was no exception. We had massive amounts of rain in the past few days plus a full moon four days ago. Throw that in with high tide today and you get making for some fantastic fishing. A day I have been waiting three years to fish. I used a nine foot eight weight with eight weight floating line. Leader was 30lb-20lb-14lb Berkley Vanish. I started with a Backstabber and changed to a Kaufman rubber leg, bead head stonefly. The flies looked like this borrowed image:

Here are some pictures to get you up to date on how it all happened:

I waited and watched the water levels rise and make their way down river

Water was rising as the tide came in and the wind blew more water toward us (windy enough Thomas had trouble casting at 6wt and my eyes were watering)
Goldfish at your feet
I  netted this one. For size, look at the carp later in the net
River herring at my feet

First mr rubber lips in 3 years landed
I had a lot of fist bumps from the tourist kids who took this pic
And another one. I had one break off 14lb line
A jogger snapped this one minutes later

More goldfish
Thomas working the fish. You had to follow them as they spawn or look for individuals. Water was almost zero visibility except right on shore where water was clear
One fish jumped and broke my hook
Is that someone named Richie hiding in there?
Thomas on net duty. Look at that net bend!
Pure joy
Backdrop for photo op is awesome. Jefferson Memorial
Time to roll out. Thomas through the floods. We left Richie and Holt (who got a nasty needlefish and a bent hook from a carp)

Until the next event.....


  1. Yes, I too thought I was bored of plain old fishing, until I found hawaii big game fishing. We had a blast!

  2. Yeah its really good fishing in big moon high tide flood,I was able to get the updated high tide data from this website.