Friday, May 30, 2014

Fantastic Day Fly Fishing Four Mile Run

David's fiance bought him a gift certificate back in December. He contacted me a week or so ago to set up his half day guided trip for local fishing. I of course decided on Four Mile Run (4MR). We met at about high tide and suited up in the parking lot.

The sky was overcast and we had a bit of rain yesterday. Thus the water was rather dark and hard to see. Didn't matter.

David had a Sage rod with an Allen reel and both got a solid workout. We worked on casting and fly retrieval as we worked the flooded shoreline with submerged plants. In four short hours David went from a novice caster to one that can hold his own. His distance trippled and he learned to use a single handed rod for two handed roll casts.

Here is what he got into (in suburban northern Virginia mind you): Striped bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, needlefish (yuck), bluegill, white perch.

Catching a striper up in the 4MR system is always a treat. Having it as his first landed fish of the day made it even more special. It was his first striper. David then hooked into something large. It threw the hook. Fishing in the DC Metro tidal Potomac is like a box of chocolates....
 The channel cat put up a fight. It was fought on the reel.
This pic is out of order. After we fished the outflow we worked the banks. This smallie shot up from the bottom to take a 4x long size 2 Fly Shack Saber hook. We also landed several bluegill throughout the system.
 We got into white perch down and under the RTE 1 bridge. Slab!
 This needlefish took the 1/32 shad jig. Filthy and nasty creatures.
 And another channel cat. They are really pretty up clsoe with all of their speckles.
 I ran to get my phone out of my waders. Note the gapers along the fence. This was a very long fight and it attracted every passerby.
 A second striper at the outflow.

What a spectacular day. Overcast and cool turned into bright and bluebird. Light wind. It was a great day to introduce somoene to a new spot that was only 10 minutes from his front door.

Now on to prepare for tomorrow's Potomac Snakehead Tournament.

Monday, May 19, 2014

High Tide + Flood + Big Moon = Good Fishing

I'll continue my saying that May has the best fishing in the DC Metro area.

Today was no exception. We had massive amounts of rain in the past few days plus a full moon four days ago. Throw that in with high tide today and you get making for some fantastic fishing. A day I have been waiting three years to fish. I used a nine foot eight weight with eight weight floating line. Leader was 30lb-20lb-14lb Berkley Vanish. I started with a Backstabber and changed to a Kaufman rubber leg, bead head stonefly. The flies looked like this borrowed image:

Here are some pictures to get you up to date on how it all happened:

I waited and watched the water levels rise and make their way down river

Water was rising as the tide came in and the wind blew more water toward us (windy enough Thomas had trouble casting at 6wt and my eyes were watering)
Goldfish at your feet
I  netted this one. For size, look at the carp later in the net
River herring at my feet

First mr rubber lips in 3 years landed
I had a lot of fist bumps from the tourist kids who took this pic
And another one. I had one break off 14lb line
A jogger snapped this one minutes later

More goldfish
Thomas working the fish. You had to follow them as they spawn or look for individuals. Water was almost zero visibility except right on shore where water was clear
One fish jumped and broke my hook
Is that someone named Richie hiding in there?
Thomas on net duty. Look at that net bend!
Pure joy
Backdrop for photo op is awesome. Jefferson Memorial
Time to roll out. Thomas through the floods. We left Richie and Holt (who got a nasty needlefish and a bent hook from a carp)

Until the next event.....

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Recent Fun Fishing Pics | May in DC

Again, its not often that I get to fish for fun. I managed to get out with some friends recently (new and old) to wet a line. This further emphasizes that the month of May is the BEST month to fish in and around Washington DC. It has the most diverse species available and the best chance for big fish.

Here is what we got into:

A sip of Ardbeg

 Big bluegill
 More big bluegill
 Flying fish
 My big bluegill. All my fish were on the damsel. I lost the BIGGEST crappie I have ever seen. It was the size of Shaq's footprint. I threw my rod (it was already broken) when I lost it.
 Green sunfish
 More bluegill
 Bass. This one had tried to eat the above green sunfish
 Big bluegill
 I was 100% positive this fish ate my Clouser until it was landed and we found the hook next to the side of the head. Major disappointment.
 Montana John's first striper
 And white perch
 End of run hickory shad
 My first schoolie of the year !!

 Double perch
 A snagger got this one. It almost pulled him into the river. I was barely able to open its mouth to show Montana John. Everything about this mouth tells you it is an apex predator made to hold onto prey and not let it go.