Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recent Potomac Shad Fly Fishing Trip Pics

This past Sunday was the big day to kick off the 2014 shad run. I met clients at the river at 0900 and had clients come and go through 6pm. Note to self, next time bring an eating utensil for lunch.

We through a variety of flies. This was the first day the white perch showed up. Sherman counted about 27 landed. They were taking just about any pattern and some were quite large. The shad took every pattern tossed at them. A faster strip and rod jerk was the key. Joe lost a very big striper.  

Lets start off with the snakehead carnage. Snaggers are showing up.

 White perch non stop.

 Everyone in this picture was fishing illegally. I called the park service who were rather enthused about the law breakers. No officer showed up. There were open fires, poachers, snaggers, litter bugs, hand liners, bow hunters etc. I spoke with each of them and they could have cared less. I always get the 'I found this fish dead on shore' when they have a live shad or herring in their net. Ugh. One guy said he didn't care as he was from Connecticut.

 Constant rod bending.

 Then this dbag shows up with his ladies. Its a no-wake zone. His wake was about 3' up onto the shore.

 Big perch.
 Holt showed up and got some.

We got a massive downpour today. The river is expected to rise a bit but I'm more concerned about the clarity. I'm going to take the down time (cancelled today's client) to tie up more shad flies and some striper flies too. If you need any custom shad flies please do not hesitate to contact me. I just sent 120 to Tochterman's in Baltimore.


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