Monday, April 28, 2014

Project Healing Waters 2-Fly Tournament 2014 Pictures

Here are my pics from the event. Be sure to go to @phwff and @tltff on Instagram for more pics. Dan and Morgan did a great job of taking pics and posting them to social media. The tournament raised over $200,000.00 for the organization. This is one of my favorite events of the year. It is so much fun to see everyone from the PHWFF family, how much bigger the kids are, the new additions, those who flew on from across the country and locally. Lots of bonding and friendships are made and the fishing can't be beat.

I was paired with Kim who I knew I would have trouble keeping up with. She fished hard and had skills and dedication I don't often get to see and I fish with a lot of people. This will not be the last time we fish together.

Sunset through my Costsas

 Team 'Semper Fly' after our second session of fishing. I'm going to frame this one.
 Scores. We got 72
 William and Kevin walking back after their session
 Kim and Shian. What a sweet dog. Fast too, she chased off a flock of geese
 Kim's PHWFF-Marine rod and tube
 Kim presented with a PHWFF bamboo rod from Big John
 Kim drifting a wormie through beat 2
 My rainbow on Tenkara with my damsel from Saturday
 Big John and his bamboos
 Harold and Chris
 Native and wild brookie. State fish of Virginia.  Also had a tiger swallowtail flitting around at the same time, state insect of Virginia. BTW this net is about 4' long for fish size reference
 Kim and Shian
 The barn in the morning after camping
 Kim and I selfie
 Kim and Lefty hanging out. He then gave us some knot tying tutorials. The man is a walking encyclopedia. Seriously everything he says I need to write down
 Doug's house in the morning
 The nasty car in the morning. Stupid goose out there kept us awake at night
 Morgan's camp
 Old fashioned with Sheetz brand simple syrup
 Dinner speeches. If  you didn't tear up at this dinner something is wrong with you

 Horned citrus trees
 Kim with her new bamboo and Morgan int he back
 Entrance to the farm
 Ed working with us on our 2-handed casting
 Shian giving me some love
 Quick stop for beer. Been going here for nearly 20 years
 I forgot simple syrup at home so I got a cup full of sugar here and mixed with bottled water at the farm
 Kim and Lefty


 David and Jackson. That kid is getting so big
 The hole behind the gazebo
 Always a crowd watching, no pressure
 Nap time
 Me and Lefty. He signed a hat for the pixie
 Lefty teaching more and more
 The awards

 Richie lands one on a dry fly after the tourney
 Morgan playing with the new TFO rod. I got to cast the Mangrove and it is my new line of rod to suggest for Potomac fishing
 Vets and their guides.
PHWFF red-white-blue popsicle fly donation

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