Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nothing Going On At Chain Bridge Today 4/3/14

I dropped off the pixie at school today and started on the 17 mile drive to Flechers Boat House to pick up my DC license for the year. Here is how my drive went.

 Traffic, traffic, and more gridlock. This is why I don't go anywhere in this direction on most days. It sucks.
 At least summer is near and people will leave town.
 I finally made it into DC.
 This is the Chain Bridge DC side lot. Its all open this year.
 It took me 1 hour go go 17 miles. I got out, stretched my legs, and chatted everyone up a bit.
 The water was brown from last weeks rain. Lots of crap in the water too (literally and figuratively)
 This is the view going under the C&O Canal.
 I hadn't seen Paula in a year or so. She is the best. I talked to her, Alex, and The Animal. I don't guide this side of the river so I'm not here to often. Always a great time.
 I drove back over to Va and parked and made my way down to the river. It was high tide. Pimmet Run was inundated.
 Spots where I normally fish were somewhere out there. I strung up my rod and walked down river to the cove at Pimmet Run. I saw NO signs of life.
I tied on a chartruese Shad Bolter with a Snowhite Damsel dropper, 7wt sink tip, 5wt Orvis Silver Label rod with a 1999 model Battenkill Large Arbor. I fished for 30 minutes with nothing. I took a break to cancel a client for tomorrow. As I was typing a fish, most likely a gizzard shad, came up to the surface. A cormorant then popped up.

I thought I was going to head out but that sign of a fish was promising. I fished for another 30 min before calling it. Not worth my time. I packed up and walked out.

On the way home I stopped at Dicks and picked up a new landing net. This one is big enough for snakeheads. Lets hope they wake up soon.

If you are heading out tonight or tomorrow don't expect a lot from shore. Boats won't be rented at Fletchers until the water level drops to 5'.

If I didn't have to pick up the pixie at school at 1pm I would probably have gotten some Ropa Vieja at the Caribbean restaurant. MMM.


What are you driving? The view out the back from under the canal doesn't look like your normal ride. Wife's car?

Yup driving the wife mobile. Its the one with a car seat. Its clean and doesn't smell of river funk.

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