Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Newest Family Addition | StealthCraft 16' ATB

The long wait is over. A new addition to the family has arrived. I got the call last Friday night that my boat was waiting on a trailer in the parking lot of the condo. You may remember last September a drunk expletive destroyed my boat and part of my livelihood when she plowed her dad's Lexus into my driftboat at 65mph.

After meeting Mike and PK at the Fly Fishing Show a few years ago I told myself that if I ever got a new boat it would be a StealthCraft. I had spoken with Mike over the winter and was deciding on what boat to purchase. After PK posted a bunch of videos of his 'Whip' on Instagram @fishingporn I made the call.

The great thing about going through these guys is they are anglers who are building state of the art boats for every anglers needs. My boat was completely customized within the confines of my budget from the chick's insurance company. I also put some gear on the market. So I no longer have a kayak or some fishing reels.

I do have one ridiculously beautiful boat. The only thing this boat has in common with the last one is they both float. That is it.

This boat features internal L.E.D lights, bow and stern headlights, internal rod holders, modular pulpits, loads of cup holders, rower's side anchor release, loads of storage, and the trailer has all sorts of features which include a genius tie down system and an anchor holder. Toss in the cover (we're getting 4" of rain tonight) to keep it dry inside.

Here is the boat, it has a Derek DeYoung print down the side:

My first view of the boat

 Its a beauty. Now to just get it down
 The cold front blew over and it was crazy cold out
 Sliding the boat down, its like the birth canal for my new addition
 Ruh-ro the boat isn't going to make it. Someone get the calipers. We had to move the truck forward a bit and pushed real hard
 It was dark when I pulled the boat out and cold so no pics. I drove it over to our friend's driveway to store it until I got tags and insurance. The big issue was the male and female trailer hitch lights didn't match up so I drove it in the dark over there. Once this storm blows over I can re-do the wiring and get this thing lit up.
I've got clients booked for this weekend on the boat. Can't wait to row this thing around. Trust me, there will be lots of pictures to share.


Awesome! Happy for you, Bro. Sign me up for a trip this season on that beast.

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