Friday, April 4, 2014

Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) Review & Drinking Game

Here is my quick review from last week's F3T. Its also a drinking game, the movie that is, not the blog post.

The annual film tour came to Arlington last week. It was great time to see all the local shop employees, anglers, non-profits, and more. I also got to hang out with some clients.

This time I had the bonus of hanging out with Louis and Morgan from @TLTLFF

I got there around 6pm and as I'm trying to get into shape for shad season, I tried to control my urge to  drink a pitcher of beer and eat a pizza from the center outward.

Mitch Fatel is a funny guy, he does the local radio station every time he is here. He had a bit about why strip clubs suck, going there and not being able to touch the strippers is like having a 'big, juicy turkey in front of you that you can't eat).

 I was a thirsty guy. I ordered a pitcher of club soda. The waitress looked at me puzzled but she does not know my thirst for the carbonated aqueous beverage (I prefer a lemon over a lime but I was not complaining as she came through with my drink).

As the sandwiches are named after movies I have a hard time determine what to order. I went with the chicken fingers. We had a good amount of time before the movie started and that was a great time to catch up with everyone and introduce others to others.

Richie from Urban Anglers was our host. He got up and made announcements. So here comes the movie review:
The intro to the movies was 20+ minutes. They started off with music behind them and then started over again with narrative. It was a long commercial for Yeti, Orvis, and beer. Then the feature started. I didn't hear the intro to the first movie and the guy had an accent. I wasn't sure what it was about other than a Kiwi fly fishing guide and his buds working around the world. It was various fish porn with out a plot.

I'll tell you the F3T drinking game now. Every time you see an Orvis Mirage reel you need to take a drink.

This is what the reel looks like. The drag crank is rather recognizable. Now take a sip.
I was biased toward Blood Knot.It was one of the few movies shot in the Continental US, it was shot by our friends at Two Fisted Heart Productions, it featured a great story line of two brothers, it was local, and they own one of the best fly shops in Virginia. That is the  production team standing up. BTW taking pictures in the venue was not allowed, oops.

 So my chicken fingers arrived. I'm a fan of battered not breaded which these were, though I think they were battered in salt. It was way too salty. Good thing I had a gallon of club soda. I'd prefer a nice ranch dressing over a mediocre honey mustard.
 A cold beer to dilute the water.
 The rest of the movies were pretty good. I really enjoyed the follow up to last year's film with Sandflea. That was enjoyable. The last one with a guy from Iceland, Bahamas, and Patagonia didn't make a lot of sense. The underwater shots from Iceland were great.

The addition of women in the movies was a good touch. The fact that a mirage reel made it into every film was a bit odd. There was a nostalgia movie by Sharptail Media. A great white north brookie movie with John Gierach (does anyone know how to pronounce his name? At least as a writer his name is correct with i before e).

I didn't win the raffle this year but Richie hooked me up with a new Urban Angler bag. I like this bag.

The movies were good, some were better than others. I wish my food had not been so salty and that I had some leg room. As always it would be nice to have a flyer with all of the movies being shown, who shot them, who is in them, where they were shot, where  you can buy them, etc.

It would be nice if the tour came around bi-annually with two separate sets of movies. Anyway, if you go you'll see lots of tarpon, some monster brookies, some carp, some Tenkara, what guides do on the off season, beer drinking etc. After a rather dreary winter it was nice to see white sand and turquoise, tropical waters. 

Have fun. Don't drink too much based on the new drinking game, and I hope you win something awesome.

The movie will be shown at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine festival @VaFlyFish in two weeks, hosted by the lads at Mossy Creek.


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