Friday, April 25, 2014

Fantastic Shad On The Fly Day

I had the morning off yesterday from clients and the pixie was in school. I dropped her off and headed to Chain Bridge.

The water was almost at low tide (and low in general) with a good amount of clarity. Where I was standing was underwater on Easter. I had the spot to myself except for a half dozen snakehead snaggers.

My third cast yielded a double hookup (all fish were hickory shad). The action was constant. Rod bending, line tugging shad left and right. I had one snakehead surface near me and then sit on the bottom. I had an 8wt rigged up with a Reaper fly but it had no interest.

Miles joined me and managed not only shad but some perch on his Shadillac. 

I continued to strip, dead drift. swing, etc for shad. They took the fly (chartruese shad jig on top with damsel as dropper) non-stop for about 45 min. The first 45 min yielded 17 shad landed, countless lost, and countless bites. The retrieve didn't matter. The depth didn't matter. It was awesome.

I fished until 12:30 and would conservatively say I landed near 40 fish. At 12:30 I started to hike out to go and pick up the pixie from school. I stopped and talked to US Park Police Officer Cox about all the illegal activity. He was there to regulate. I wanted to stay and watch but had to go.

Here are some pictures:

 The damsel caught 3/4 of the fish
 Constantly bend rods
 This one weighed in a 1.13lbs
 Chartruese 1/32oz shad jig
 This individual fish lacked gill plates on both sides.

Get out early this weekend. Enjoy this shad run while it lasts. It has been one fantastic year and we still have several weeks to go. Be sure to report any illegal activity to the DC US Park Police office.


Nice, Rob! Wish I knew where the shad run close to boston.

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