Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Sunday Shad

Constant action all morning. The hot color was chartruse (sp?). Greg and my shad flies with Snowhite Damsel as a dropper. The key was a fast strip with a rod slash on the retrieve. Hickory shad would come up from the depths to orally swat at these flies. It was amazing to watch. Some double hookups. If the flies were fished slower and deeper it would provide white perch. Very few snakeheads surfaced. No stripers, herring, or American shad. Here are some pics.

 Bent rods all morning

 Bow hunters leaving. It is ILLEGAL to use a bow to hunt snakeheads on either side of the river here. Both sides of the river are national parks and bow hunting for fish is not allowed. If used from a boat it is ok.

 Snakehead snaggers. Is there a forum somewhere where these guys discuss the best rigs (saltwater rod, nylon rope, massive weighted trebble hook)? This is also illegal.
 Bent rods
 Tail walking
 Dude in camo is using a file to sharpen his spear
 Snagging successs
 Ok this guy on the right is pointing his bow at his friend on the left with a spear. One slip on these rocks and he'll shoot his friend in the gut
 A bent 5wt is a happy 5wt
 Notice his 1980s uni-ski suit

It was a great day. Water temps are going up. Expect more species to be available. No guiding for me this weekend as it is the Project Healing Waters 2-Fly Tournament. I can do early Saturday up to 11am.


It's not a gun, a bow will only shoot if you draw and release. It's improbable that he'll shoot his friend in the gut :)

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