Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snowhite Shad Jig Dart Fly Tying Tutorial

Ok, saw my first crocus of the season today. Sure there will be a 50 degree drop in temp overnight but just a week or so away will be the shad run.

I've been elbow deep in shad flies for the past two weeks. Today I started on my shad jig dart. This is the fly to get down deep and if you are fishing a tandem rig, this is the one to get your damsel dropper down to THE ZONE.

Last year some of the biggest fish were taken on this fly. Super easy to tie, minimal ingredients, just DO NOT HIT YOURSELF OR YOUR ROD WITH THIS 'FLY'.

This fly follows my three rules for shad flies:

  1. Bright color
  2. 1" long
  3. Short tail

  • 1/32 oz jig head (I get mine on ebay, 100 jigs for $4)
  • Krystal flash, flashabou, or similar (1")
  • Estaz, chenille, Krystal Flash chenille or similar
  • Thread (color doesn't matter)

 Place 1/32oz jig in cam and start your thread

 Pre-measure your flash material. Measure about 1" up from bottom and cut plastic bag so only 1" of material sticks out from the package. Thus ensuring you will only cut what you need and your flies will have a consistent tail length
 Tie that flash material in onto the hook

 Double over the material on the right to the left and your tail is now 2x thick

 Get your estaz ready
 Tie it in just behind the jig head
 Wrap forward to the eye and head, knot the thread, and you are done.

 Here is the final product.
 You can vary the colors and materials
 Some color variations
 Nice striper on the jig

 This cat ate the shad jig. You never know what is in the depths of the Potomac


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