Monday, March 24, 2014

National Capital Fly Tying Marathon 2014 For Project Healing Waters

Here are some pics from the past weekend.

I got there around 0950 to set up. My first decision was where to sit for 5 or so hours. It  had to have a good seat with a back, ample light, and a table that would not wobble. 

As this is an outside covered patio with patio furniture, this was a rather daunting task. I opted for a spot along the wall to charge my  phone as we would have 'soccer' matches on during the day.

The next major decision was to do the buffet or order off the menu. I went for the buffet.

 I started off with foam beetles. The first were really dodgy and didn't make the cut.
I scoped out the buffet and decided that was the way to go.

Round one of the buffet was biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon. 
Once I had that in my system the flies were plausible. 
 Trent had a bloody mary with his celery. Then he cranked out some Clousers. Dalton worked on beetles.
 Round two of the buffet included their mac and cheese, fried chicken, and more bacon.

 With food in me I started to crank out foam mice, curly tail bass flies, 2-3 layer Chernobyl ants, and some red damsels.
 As the bacon sweats started I got into a dozen chartruese (still can't spell that word!) buggers.
 Then David Folkerts made an announcement.
 He presented Dan Davala with an award.
 After the buggers I switched to damsel mode and cranked out a couple dozen Snowhite Damsels.
 Holt arrived with his Ipad to watch the 2nd half of the ManU match.
 If you missed it, see Rooney's goal here:
Here are some of the pics of people tying. It was a full house ALL DAY.

 My almost completed bin for the day.
 I had to stretch my legs after my 4th round of the buffet. This time it included shepards pie and curry chicken. The  kids were cranking out buggers and caddis.

 My tally of damsels.
 Here is the box of flies donated. With the total including generous donations I received in the mail we totaled about 2k flies to be used in healing waters events around the country!!!

 My total of flies. It was a long and exhausting day. I missed beautiful weather outside but it was more than worth it. Can't wait for the next event.

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